A comprehensive search for Chinese restaurants in Frankfurt

Tired of French cuisine? No problem, have a delicious and authentic Chinese meal to soothe your Chinese stomach!

This baozi shop does not sell baozi, but offers authentic Shaanxi-style La Zhi Rou Jia Mo, Dan Dan noodles, Slap Noodles in Chili Oil, and Zha Jiang noodles. They also have Liangpi available on weekends!

Wenzhou Chinese restaurant

This Chinese restaurant located north of the central train station serves affordable beef brisket rice noodles. The beef soup is delicious.

"Little Shanghai" Shanghai restaurant

The restaurant is small, but the braised pork and stir-fried rice cakes with shepherd's purse are very authentic. I recommend the spicy and fresh Quan Shui fish, and the clear soup is also decent.

Yard Chew Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant

Great Sichuan restaurant with excellent decoration and delicious flavors.
The store adopts an industrial-style decoration and highly recommends grilled skewers and handmade noodles.

China Haus Snacks

You can also eat grilled fish in France! The signature dish of Xiao Shi Dai is the delicious and spicy grilled fish, and the portion is very generous.

Cuiyuan Chinese Restaurant

Cui Yuan is well-known in Frankfurt and attracts many locals to taste it. The dishes in the restaurant are mainly Cantonese cuisine, mostly Chinese stir-fried dishes.