Tourist guide for Dongshan Island, set off immediately after reading

A few years ago, Dongshan was still a secluded island unknown to most people. Most people met for the first time through screens, including me, Xiao Ai. Once, several film and television works such as "Journey to the West," "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea," and "Whose Baby Am I" were filmed here, but it was the movie "The Left Ear" by Su Youpeng in 2015 that really caught everyone's attention. There were a few people who followed the plot of the movie and embarked on a "Left Ear" journey, and I was one of them. It seems that the celebrity effect still works in this era.

Sufeng Mountain

In this year's TikTok craze, there is another well-known secret place on Dongshan Island, which is Su Fengshan. Girls who love taking pictures certainly can't miss it. Xiamen also has a Ring Road and a Bay Park, and is coastal cities all named like this? It's so unoriginal, haha. But many people don't know that Dongshan Island is named after this mountain.


The movie "Left Ear", which caused a sensation at the time, was mainly filmed in Nanmen Bay! The most impressive scene in the movie for me was the female protagonist crying on the beach. Nanmen Bay is behind, with the blue sea on one side and an ancient fishing village on the other. The colorful houses facing the sea, I think the people living here must be very warm. If I can't live here, I will choose to rent an electric donkey, blow the sea breeze, and shuttle through the colorful picture, feeling wonderful.
When you visit Dongshan, be sure to see the sea. The highly recommended areas are Maluan Bay and Jinluan Bay. The television show "We Are Coming", hosted by Wang Han, chose the Maluan Bay Sailing Training Base as an important filming location. In addition to its flat beaches, clear seawater, and well-sheltered bay, this place offers many interesting marine activities such as sailing, kite surfing, diving, beach volleyball, motorboats, speedboats, and water bikes. Of course, you can also choose to swim here and play freely in the sea. What about Jinluan Bay? Actually, the two places are not far from each other, but Jinluan Bay is relatively quiet and there are many high-end vacation apartments and villas to choose from in the surrounding area. However, if you want to enjoy water activities, please remember to go to Maluan Bay.