Frankfurt, Germany: 10 local restaurants recommended by Chinese people

Frankfurt, Germany is one of the few metropolises with towering skyscrapers and bright lights, and it has a lot of unique cuisine! Next, we will introduce the top 10 restaurants in Frankfurt recommended by Chinese people.

Medici environment is bright and clean, with excellent service. Dinner prices are slightly high, but lunch Menü is very affordable. It has been rated as the best place for business lunch under €30 per person in Frankfurt.

Bitter & Zart Chocolaterie

The interior decoration of the shop is full of European art and freshness. It is definitely a good choice if you want to have a leisurely afternoon tea in Frankfurt! During peak hours, there are often a lot of people and there may be no seats available. Also, it is not possible to make reservations in advance. Whether you can eat here depends on luck.
Only ramen is served here, there is no sushi or sashimi. The noodle can be presented with different levels of softness and richness of taste based on the customer's preference. The broth is flavorful and the texture is smooth. Also, advance reservation is a must! The service attitude is really good and very thoughtful as they provide bamboo baskets for bags.
#Tripadvisor Mafutu Eagle# Ranking: Frankfurt Desserts ranked first, one of the few original African-style restaurants in Germany. Not only in terms of food, but also in the overall layout, music, and lighting of the restaurant, African characteristics are reflected. The interior is mostly wooden, giving a primitive feeling, with sandy floors, small huts, and tree houses, in short, very unique!


Kabuki is located in the center of Frankfurt, but its storefront is unremarkable among surrounding restaurants. Upon entering, various award certificates hanging on the wall can be seen at first glance. The interior decoration of the restaurant is full of Japanese flavor, and the staff are mostly Japanese. The first impression is: Hmm, very authentic. (As you know, there are many Asian restaurants in Germany that advertise as Asian, but sell "Asian dishes" that cannot be found in Asia.)
The overall design style is simple yet distinctive. Al Pastor is a classic Mexican dish made with wheat and corn tortillas with a wide selection of filling options. Similarly, traditional Mexican beverages are also available here. It is worth trying the minimalist style of specialty cuisine.


A regular small tavern in a residential area, but with unforgettable deliciousness. The seafood here is very fresh, reminding me of the time in Spain, with exquisite preparation that satisfies the diners. There are many locals in Ponte, and everyone seems familiar with each other, like casually going downstairs for a meal, but with the sophistication of a European dining table.
A Korean restaurant located in a residential area, their grilled meat is very popular. The pre-meal side dishes are abundant and generous, with authentic Korean flavors. The beef stone pot has thinly sliced beef that is savory and sweet, complemented with carrots and scallions.


We specialize in steaks here, and all the beef is imported from Argentina. Different cuts of beef (rump steak, sirloin, fillet, ribeye) and different weights (180g, 300g, 400g) are specified. When ordering, please note that a side dish needs to be ordered separately along with the steak. Every table is served with our house special beef chili sauce, which can be spread on bread or eaten with the steak. The sauce has a distinct South American flavor and is spicy. Takeaway service is available, and you can also purchase a jar to take home after finishing your meal.