Yinchuan's featured popular store, you must go and try it

Listed below are some small shops where you can check in, satisfy your appetite, and relax your mind.


The beverages at her home are all very unique! In their home, they describe it as both eating and drinking! It is more like a combination of dessert and beverage. They select Hong Kong-style classic dessert toppings! Address: Shop 113, Basement 1, Dayuecheng (next to the escalator)

Wuliu Village

Silver Chuan's most pleasant courtyard, with a backyard! This place is perfect for spending time with friends and loved ones on weekends! They also serve simple meals like a bar. Wuliuzhai is different from other night banquet gathering places or barbecue houses. Their dishes are more delicate! Several carefully selected specialty snacks, cooked on small stoves, taste even better. If you like chicken feet, you really have to try them! The feet are very tender and almost boneless, you can easily eat them. Address: 50 meters north of the intersection of Zhongwei Lane and Yuxin Lane, Xingqing District, Yinchuan (100 meters north of Ningxia Power Investment Building).

Matilda popsicles

This is the most popular Ma De Er popsicle in the past two years. It is said that the daily sales of Ma De Er popsicle on Harbin Central Street alone exceed 10,000 sticks. Ma De Er popsicle is "sweet but not greasy, with a fragrant ice". The taste is smoother than ice cream, melts in your mouth, and is irresistible. Finally found in Yinchuan! Address: D035, Basement of Ningyang Cultural Palace, Xixia District.

Fruit cheesecake

The viral cheese cake witnessed in the cultural palace can be stretched one meter long. In her home, the freshly baked durian cheese cake has a crispy golden crust that is hot to hold. Enjoy it while it's still hot! The cheese stretches, and the durian flesh keeps falling down, instantly filling the surroundings with the domineering fragrance of durian! Among them, the most attractive is the explosive lobster cheese cake in her home! Address: E071, B1 floor, Ningyang Cultural Palace, Xixia District.

Hui Lao World Hotpot

Translated to English: Discovered a popular hot pot restaurant, considered the most popular restaurant in Xixia District! The highlight this time is the "Flying Hot Pot"! Nine-grid, mandarin duck pot, from clear broth, to mushroom broth, to mild spice, medium spice, spicy, extra spicy, insanely spicy... There's a wide variety of side dishes. The food is very fresh. The beef for wrapping, the fatty meat for one dish, the hand-cut fresh meat from the pasture. You must try it.

98K Club

The first "mysterious" internet-famous spot in Yinchuan, a photography paradise for girls! Afternoon tea, music pub, a drink, the return of the lonely soul... This is what I want! As night falls, the store is almost full, with various internet-famous elements and trendy details, making it a favorite place for many young people to visit. The store features highly infectious live performances by singers every night, creating a better overall atmosphere than other singers. Try the dish "Ziniu," a premium cut of beef belly and marbled beef, hand-cut and fresh from the ranch. Address: No. 90, Shanghai West Road, Jinfeng Wanda Plaza (entrance of the parking lot on Shanghai West Road, Jinfeng Wanda). 98K Club.


All the vegetarian balls at home are handmade by Chef A Xin's mom! The dough for the cold noodles is also handmade. The small stall has a wide variety of dishes, with many choices. The first impression gives a refreshing feeling. There are two types of base sauces to choose from: skewers and spicy sauce. I especially recommend her fried meatballs, stuffed eggplants, and handmade cold noodles. The sour and spicy noodles are also delicious! Address: D096, Basement of Ningyang Cultural Palace, Xixia District.

Ma's steamed dumplings

Yinchuan City's shaomai restaurant is relatively rare and it's not easy to find a small shop! The small shop, with an area of a few dozen square meters, starts bustling at 7 o'clock every morning. The kitchen is filled with steam as the two sisters and their aunt Ma are busy making dough, rolling out the dough, stuffing the fillings, putting them in the cages, steaming them, and working in a coordinated manner. The shaomai pies in the store are all made and sold on the spot to ensure that customers can enjoy the hot food. Address: 137 Qingfeng Street, Jinfeng District (opposite to Su 8 Hotel), Ma Family Shaomai.

Yishan Old Hotpot

This is the first Huang Ladeng restaurant in Yinchuan. The environment here is attractive as soon as you enter the door! The decoration adopts a modern industrial style, integrates national features, echoes the trend of the times, and gives the hot pot restaurant a date-like atmosphere! The private rooms upstairs are equipped with different dining seats according to the number of people, and the decoration is also very simple, highlighting the quality, suitable for entertaining guests! Address: No. 2 East Gate, Xingqingfu Courtyard, Xingqing Street, Xingqing District.

Glasses BBQ Headquarters

This is a local legendary old shop that is widely known. There are many people who drive all the way from the old city to eat BBQ at this shop! Starting with grilled lamb skewers, the range of products in the shop has become more and more diverse. Lamb skewers, grilled lamb waist, small yellow croaker, and meat tendon are all popular choices recommended by regular customers. Despite the absence of local BBQ restaurants, this long-established shop that has not altered the original taste of lamb meat has gained many followers!