Recommended self-driving destinations around Yinchuan

From the airport to the hot spring hotel in Xixia District, all along the way to Yinchuan, there are hardly any streets filled with towering buildings that have become mundane. People's expressions are calm, going about their tasks unhurriedly. It is difficult to imagine that this was the capital of the Western Xia Kingdom founded by Li Yuanhao a thousand years ago.

Zhenbei Fort Western Film City, located 35 kilometers from Yinchuan City, was built on the basis of the original ancient fort. Some Chinese film stars, such as Gong Li, Jiang Wen, Zhang Yimou, Stephen Chow, and Donnie Yen, have left their footprints here.
Yinchuan is located on the northwest border of our country. During the Ming Dynasty, Mongol Khanates and other tribes such as Wa-erh-ka-la often entered the plain through the Chimu Kou(known as Sanguan nowadays) in the Helan Mountain region of Inner Mongolia. In order to maintain border security, the Ming Emperor specifically built the Great Wall (known as Bianqiang in Ming Dynasty) at Sanguan, making it one of the "Four Dangers" of ancient Yinchuan.

Rolling Clock Scenic Area

Gongzhongkou, in ancient times, was one of the scenic spots of Helan Mountain, and it is an important attraction in the Western Xia King Mausoleum Scenic Area with its granite landform. The architecture combining Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism reflects the harmonious atmosphere of local sects. The historical anecdotes, legends, and mysteries of the large-scale architectural ruins add a mysterious color to Gongzhongkou.

Yellow sand ancient ferry

Huangsha Ancient Ferry is an ancient Yellow River crossing. The scenic area is located on Yueya Lake in Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, 28 kilometers from Yinchuan City, 38 kilometers from Yinchuan Hedong Airport, and 43 kilometers from Yinchuan Railway Station. The scenic area covers an area of 32.4 square kilometers and consists of sand control demonstration area, wetland cultural tourism area, desert cultural tourism area, ancient ferry culture tourism area, frontier cultural tourism area, and Yellow River ancient town.

Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve in Ningxia

The main focus of Ningxia Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve is to protect the arid mountain natural ecosystem and its biodiversity, precious flora and fauna and their habitats, especially rare tree species and endangered animals such as roe deer, argali, and musk deer. It also preserves the water source conservation forests primarily consisting of Qinghai spruce and represents a typical natural landscape with vertical distribution of forest vegetation. The reserve is classified as a national nature reserve and falls under the category of forest ecosystem.