Eight recommended scenic spots in Jilin City for observing rime ice

The rime scenery in Jilin is known as one of the "Four Wonders of China". It attracts numerous photography enthusiasts from December to February each year. The beauty of rime in the morning is fleeting, like fallen flowers under the warm sun. Here are a few rime viewing spots to share, hoping that everyone can appreciate the most beautiful rime wonders.

Songjiang Road: Urban hoarfrost viewing belt

In the city, the Songhua River meanders through. Due to different wind directions and the orientation of the riverbank, the time and location of the formation of the rime would also vary. In the morning, walking along the river with river fog, one would feel like being in a fairyland in the city.

Ashha: Da Jiaoye rime viewing area

The frequency of frost is high here, and traffic is relatively convenient along the river. The roads extend, forming a corridor. Under the sunshine, there are blue sky, sunlight, and frost, presenting a magical ice and snow world.

PKU HU: Scenic spot for forest rime viewing

Ski resort near the city, on the mountaintop cable car of Beihu Ski Resort, you can enjoy the beautiful snow scenery. What's unique is that you can ski in the embrace of hoarfrost, or enjoy hoarfrost before skiing.

Red Stone Lake: an area for watching frost on the water

The Baishan Power Plant upstream of Hongshi Lake has abundant water resources, allowing sustainable power generation throughout the harsh winter. As a result, the water temperature of Hongshi Lake in winter generally remains at 2-3℃. Under these low temperature conditions, the mist condenses in the original forests on both sides, forming a 38-kilometer-long spectacular phenomenon known as "frost-covered trees", creating a natural frost viewing belt at Hongshi Lake.

Baishanhu: Hoarfrost Viewing Area

In winter, the warm water rises in the lake, and the sparkling trees hang beautifully, forming a serene and holy hoarfrost landscape surrounded by mountains.

Riverside Park: Urban hoarfrost viewing area

The riverside park in winter, trees condensed into thick rime, weeping willows, pine trees, and grass along the road are all covered in furry rime, looking out, it is a pristine fairy tale world.