The ignored food capital of Zhengzhou Zhongyuan is the time to go and take a look

Speaking of Zhengzhou, the first thing that comes to mind is Li Zhi's "Memories of Zhengzhou". I haven't thought of anything else. When it comes to so many tourist cities in China, Zhengzhou may not appear in the minds of most people as a "traveler's home". However, with the guidance of local friends, I spent a weekend in Zhengzhou and it is really a paradise for food!

Fangzhongshan spicy hot soup

There is a recommended spicy and sour soup here, which was recommended in "A Bite of China 3". It's not an exaggeration to say that there's always a long line until noon every day. If you want to have a bowl of hot spicy and sour soup before 9 o'clock, you have to wake up at 6 o'clock to queue up. First, buy a meal ticket on the first floor, and then queue up at each counter to collect it. Therefore, it is important not to come alone, as one person cannot finish all the food.

Gaolao's steak and spicy soup

Compared to Fang Zhongshan, Gao Laoda's soup is darker brown. It is similar to the wine he drank when he lived in Xi'an. Of course, the specialty at his place is beef steak spicy soup, 10 yuan per bowl. Yeah, you heard it right. It's beef steak. There's a big piece of steak in the spicy soup. Can you believe it's only ten bucks?

Yang Fenghua spicy soup

No. 333 Yufeng Road, Jinshui District. Yang Fenghua Hot and Spicy Soup is one of the four major families of hot and spicy soup in Xiaoyao Town, Xihua. Yes, in Henan, hot and spicy soup has families and schools.

Xiao's Three Fresh Hui Noodle Food City

One of the top hodgepodge noodle shops in Zhengzhou. Well-known, especially after the World Expo.

Xinyi Feng Mixed Noodles

This restaurant is located next to the Medical College subway station, so the transportation is very convenient. You can see the sign of the restaurant just after crossing the intersection. The lamb stew noodles have a milky white soup, which looks very appetizing. The side dishes include lamb, vermicelli, and coriander.

Special Lamb Offal Soup

The old store has been open for over twenty years, but it's still inconspicuous. A few days ago, it was particularly cold, but many locals still sat outside to eat. One of the reasons for the crowd is that it's cheap. The diner sitting at the table said, "It hasn't raised prices much in all these years."

Xu's BBQ

The storefront is small and unremarkable, but those who have been there always give it five stars. This place is a popular street stall, specializing in grilled lamb chops and lamb chop hot pot. The lamb chop hot pot is simmered with flavorful and tender radishes, very nourishing.