Contracting 70% of the self-driving scenic spots in China! More beautiful than Switzerland, more romantic than France

Some say, until you come here, you will never know China is so vast! And some say, until you come here, you will never know China is so beautiful! Its area is equivalent to three Frances, it has a sacred lake with fewer people than Namtso, everything is very attractive. It is Xinjiang, which was once rated as the most worthwhile domestic tourist destination in China, top 1.

Huo Cheng Lavender Garden

China's most romantic purple sea, the oriental "Provence". Huocheng is one of the world's eight major lavender production areas. In the summer, the area is filled with dancing purple flower sea for miles, and the air is filled with the strong fragrance of lavender. Every tourist who comes to Huocheng is captivated by the romantic purple flower sea. However, the blooming period of lavender is only about half a month, so you need to choose the right time to visit this extremely romantic wonderland.

Zhaosu canola flowers

The hometown of Chinese rapeseed. The rapeseed flowers in Xinjiang generally bloom around the end of June. The vast golden rapeseed sea is mixed with rows of fragrant perilla leaves, swaying in the wind, with a rich floral fragrance and full of seductive charm.

Ili Apricot Valley

The most beautiful April in the world. Yili Apricot Valley is located at the southern foot of the Awulale Mountains in the Yili River Valley. It has a humid climate and abundant water vapor. Every April, the apricot blossoms here fill the entire valley, with a blooming period of about a week. It is like falling into a fairyland with layers of floral seas.
Kanas Lake, described as a real-life fairytale world, is one of the most pure and beautiful lakes in China. It has been rated as one of the "Five Most Beautiful Lakes in China" by China National Geographic. Many people describe it as a "pearl that fell from the sky". It is the only lake in China connected to the Arctic Ocean water system and its colors change with the seasons.

Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area

Fairyland Tianchi, known as Yaochi in ancient times, is a must-visit attraction in Xinjiang. It is a crescent-shaped lake with crystal-clear water, resembling a precious gem. The most beautiful moment to see Tianchi is at dusk when the color of the lake varies with the changing light, appearing green up close and blue in the distance, captivatingly enchanting.
More stunning landscapes than the Colorado Canyon. The Tianshan Grand Canyon, eroded by wind and rain for millions of years, has been washed away by mountain torrents. The mountains are reddish-brown, with steep cliffs and rugged terrain that is breathtaking. If you think the Grand Canyon in the United States is impressive enough, it's because you haven't seen the Kuqa Grand Canyon. Standing at the bottom of the valley, looking up at the high mountains, you can't help but feel that the peaks and cliffs are about to collapse, evoking a deep sense of awe for nature.

Taklamakan Desert

The second largest desert in the world. It is located in the heartland of the Eurasian continent and is the farthest place from the oceans. Surrounded by the Yarkand River, Tarim River, Hetian River, and Cherchen River, there are dense Populus euphratica forests and willow shrubs, forming a "green island in the desert", which is very beautiful.

Hemu Ancient Village

A peaceful village even more beautiful than the towns in south Jiangnan, it is the most primitive ancient village in China. Hemu Village is the concentrated living place for Tuwa people, built along deep forests, maintaining the most original ecological environment, as beautiful as a paradise. Every season here is a beautiful scenery, especially in autumn, with mountains covered in red leaves and layers of forests. As the sun sets, thin rising smoke envelops the village, creating a scene like a fairyland.

Baihaba Village

The first village in northwest China, known as "Little Switzerland of Xinjiang". Baihaba Village is a small village of the Tuvan people, with a strong Tuvan ethnic style. It is known as the first village in northwest China and the first outpost in northwest China, located on the border between China and Kazakhstan. In autumn, there are large areas of reddish-brown poplar leaves, and behind the village are snowy mountains, like a beautiful and harmonious fairy tale world.

Nalati Grassland

Go galloping on the most beautiful grassland in June, one of the world's four great grasslands. The Narat Grassland is one of the world's four great grasslands, where the grass is long and the sheep are fat, surrounded by mountains, rivers, valleys, and forests, with beauty from every angle. From June to September each year, the alpine meadows are at their most flourishing, and a large number of livestock are transferred here. At this time, the locals will hold various gatherings, such as horse racing, wrestling, etc. You can also come here and experience it.

Sairimu Lake

The last tear of the Atlantic Ocean. Sairam Lake is a cold water lake. Late May to early June is its most beautiful season, with blue lake water, blooming lilies and wilting vegetables, and lush green alpine meadows, forming a beautiful oil painting. At the end of July to early August each year, local Mongolian and Kazakh herders will hold the Nadam Festival here. If you come here during this time, you can participate in this annual event.