Shanghai weekend self-driving checklist: outdoor horse riding day | lake Kyoto | castle cultural and creative park

These recommended weekend destinations in Shanghai are worth a visit this week. They are not far from the bustling city area, only a 2-hour drive away. They are perfect for family trips and gatherings with friends!

Jay's ranch

The equestrian field is located in the Bay National Forest Park and requires a ticket. It costs 50 yuan per person if you go through the equestrian field, but it's 80 yuan if you buy it yourself! It is located in Fengxian and it is recommended to drive there. The cost on weekends is 200 yuan for 3 kilometers and 300 yuan for 6 kilometers. It will be more expensive to buy on-site by tens of yuan. The horses are well-behaved and easy to control, so there's no need to worry!
There are many ancient buildings in the park, giving a feeling of traveling back to the ancient capital of Chang'an. The most eye-catching is the underwater museum exhibition hall in the lake, which is very magical. Only the triangular roof is visible on the lake, reflecting with the water's surface, creating a quiet and beautiful scene. The admission fee is 40 yuan.

Decui Li Xianggu Cultural and Creative Park

There is a coffee shop in the park called 1883 Wisteria Garden Coffee, which is a popular cafe in Minhang. There is also a castle nearby where you can capture the feeling of England. Admission and parking are free.