Wellington Creative Food List

When it comes to Wellington, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Wellington steak? The coolest little capital in the world? Or flat white?

Kapiti Yacht Club

In the face of food, what can hardships and obstacles count for? Take a boat to the Kāpiti Island Nature Reserve and enjoy the scenic views while indulging in the multi-course gourmet feast carefully crafted by Long Beach Tavern's chef Ricky Dennes. These dishes are all made from natural ingredients from Kāpiti Island, including natural yeast that can be used to brew beer.

St. John's Bar

Ever thought about enjoying food and watching a movie by the sea in Wellington? Immersed in an outdoor themed cinema by the ocean, with the sea breeze blowing gently. As the screen slowly lights up, you are transported to the golden age of film in the 1930s. Indulge in such a nostalgic night and enjoy delicious burgers and snacks delivered straight to your car.

South Cross Garden Bar Restaurant

Learn how to make personalized skincare products using everyday ingredients at home, including a quick and easy face mask and an oil that can be put into a bottle for on-the-go use. Become both a foodie and a beauty expert with just one tutorial!

Visa Festival Hub at Prefab Hall

New Zealand radio host Kim Hill and renowned New Zealand futurist food expert will explore how future science can revolutionize our diets and offer some futuristic novelty snacks and drinks for everyone to taste. It's exciting just to think about it!
Explore the unique mysteries of Wellington on this trail filled with Chinese culinary culture. From China's tea culture to "dark cuisine" not understood by foreign friends, zero-distance contact with the birth of cocktail and snack delicacies, take you to feel different Chinese cuisine in a foreign land.

Panhead Custom Ales

We will end the culinary journey with a sumptuous South American feast. A luxurious whole pig roast, special craft beers, and live music to set the mood will accompany us on this unforgettable farewell night.