Accommodations on Weizhou Island are mainly concentrated in these seven areas

Although Wuzhoudao is not large, there is a wide selection of guesthouses and hotels. How to choose the accommodation that is most suitable for one's itinerary is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of travelers' trip planning. A detailed analysis is provided on the advantages and disadvantages of guesthouses and hotels in various locations on Wuzhoudao.

West Pier

The house prices are cheap, and there is an abandoned Sinopec pier nearby. This is the calmest seaside seen on Weizhou Island, without the turbulent waves and sea breeze, making it particularly suitable for bringing children to play.


Living here, you can watch the sunset and the beach is also very close. It's one of the few places on the island where you can buy all the necessities. There are various types of accommodations in different sizes, and it's very convenient to travel, as it's close to Nanwan. Walking along the beach at Shilu Kou, you can go all the way to Dishi Danping, which is not very far. You can leisurely stroll along the beach in the morning and evening.

Drops of water on a red screen

Here you can watch the sunset and it is a highly rated beach among tourists. Accommodations here are mostly sea view rooms, and the beach is not far away, only a few minutes' walk. It is very suitable for leisure stay, as you can easily walk to Crocodile Hill and Shiluokou, and also very close to Nanwan. The advantage is convenient transportation. You can also go swimming in the sea here and it is also convenient for shopping.

South Bay

The seafood market in Nanwan is located by the sea, with fishing boats lined up along the shore. It is a great place to experience the local lifestyle.

Five Color Pond

You can see the sunrise at Wuhaitan. The accommodation here is similar to Drip Water Village, as they are both close to the sea. The rooms are all ocean-facing with a sea view.

East Coast

Ideal location for watching the sunrise, quiet here. Can stay near the East Coast to watch the sunrise, play in the water, and go clamming. There are many affordable fishing villages and characteristic guesthouses in the area. It is close to Nanwan, Wucaitan, and Baoshesha Beach, making it convenient for travel and quieter for leisure.

Shell beach

This is indeed a rare and secluded vacation spot, it is peaceful, and you can also watch the sunrise and sunset. There are some seaside cabins built right by the sea, where you can open the door and see the ocean. You can wake up early and watch the sunrise, then go play in the sea, and in the afternoon, you can sit on the hammock in the yard and gaze at the sea.