Get a hotel with a close view of the sea in Beihai

Want to live by the seaside? Always be able to see the sea whenever you want? Choose these 7 and you'll be set!

Panoramic Hotel in Wenchou, North Sea

5 minutes' walk will take you to the best spot to watch the sunrise - Wuca

Beihai and Meidu Holiday Hotel

Outdoor swimming pool available, no time limit, free of charge.

Wei Zhou Blue Sail Inn in Beihai

The boss is very enthusiastic, and the food is authentically delicious.

Beihai Road, Hai Da Hotel

The hotel offers complimentary daily meals for two people, including a rich breakfast. Great value for money.

Beihai Yintan Five-star Seaview Hotel

The hotel service is very thoughtful, and it enthusiastically recommends travel routes.

Jinchang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Beihai

The hotel has a streamlined appearance and a tropical flavor.

Weizhou Island, a luxury sea-view vacation villa

Dock pick-up and drop-off, less than two kilometers away from Wuyicai Beach, the best hotel to watch the sunrise~