Highly-rated youth hostel in Qingdao

Come to Qingdao, a hostel with the spirit of Qingdao will make your entire journey more exciting. The following highly rated hostels are believed to provide you with a fantastic experience for your trip to Qingdao.

Qingdao Four Seasons Sea Youth Hostel

Located in a small courtyard, where you can play with cats.

Qingdao Obovit International Youth Hostel

Roof-top café with glass windows, offering a panoramic view of the island city.

Qingdao Strawberry Youth Hostel

Including coffee bars, movie screenings, and other recreational entertainment venues.

Memory Nest Youth Hostel (Junction of Junfeng Road and Metro Station, Qingdao)

There is a subway station just outside, with many decorations and a warm ambience along the staircase walkway.

The Qingyouji International Youth Hostel (Qingdao Zhanqiao Branch)

Computers and games are provided for guests to use, as well as free washing machines, and so on.

Qingdao Ningye Small Lodge Inn

To the east, there are Polar Ocean World, Stone Old Man, and Laoshan Mountain. To the west, there are May Fourth Square, Olympic Sailing Center, and Zhanqiao.

Qingdao Shiguang Lazy Youth Hostel

Sunshine Residence, designed to be "warm, homey, and affordable".