Classic 3-day tour in Qingdao

1 cities | 10 attraction(s) | total distance 29 km
Visit the essence and charm of Qingdao, and also visit the Laoshan Yangkou Scenic Area, which has many unique peaks and strange stones, including Lion Peak, Peach Stone, Longevity Peak, and other well-known views.

Day1: Qingdao

7 attraction(s) · 15 km
In the morning, first check in at the iconic landmark of Qingdao - Zhanqiao, and then visit the largest Roman Catholic Church in downtown Qingdao. At noon, you can go to Zhongshan Road for food and casual sightseeing. In the afternoon, go to the Qingdao Beer Museum to learn about Qingdao beer culture, and then go to the Eight Great Passes scenic area, known as the "World Architecture Expo," to admire numerous exotic villa communities. Then go to the Olympic Sailing Center, where you can choose to sail out to sea. Finally, take a stroll in the most famous May Fourth Square in Qingdao and experience the local life.
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Day2: Qingdao

2 attraction(s) · 14 km
Today, we first visited the Yangkou Scenic Area in Laoshan, which has many peculiar peaks and strange rocks, including the Lion Peak, Xiantao Stone, and Shouzi Peak. There are also numerous stone caves such as the White Dragon Cave, You Long Cave, and Mitian Cave. Standing at the peak of Tianyuan, you can overlook the Yangkou Beach below and the Yellow Sea in the distance. This is also an excellent position to watch the sunrise. Afterward, we went to the Taiqing Palace located at the foot of Laojun Peak in the south of Laoshan to experience Taoist culture before returning to the city.
14 km

Day3: Qingdao

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
First, go to Jinshatan for some water fun. Among the sand beaches in our country, this is one of the finest, largest, and most beautiful, known as the "number one beach in Asia". After that, head to the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Wanda Park in the east of the city, which includes three major areas: a theme park, a water park, and a movie world. With constant temperatures all year round, it is particularly suitable for families with children.