Characteristic delicacies on the streets of Qingyang

The distinctive and delicious flavors on the streets of Qingyang, go and try the ones you like!

Small Sichuan (Changqing North Road branch)

Mainly serving Sichuan cuisine. Spicy food lovers are welcome here.

Xi'an Hui Fang Lou beef and mutton soaked in soup with bread pieces

Mainly serving authentic lamb meat Pao Mo.

Lao Lanzhou Three Spoon Spicy Beef Noodles (Changqing South Road Branch)

Lanzhou specialty beef noodles, a local delicacy, must try a bowl.

Tai Chi Zen Beef Noodle (Qingcheng Xinshijie Store)

Mainly serve beef noodles, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere with a zen vibe.