Phuket's Jungle Zipline Adventure

What’s the point of coming to Thailand if you don’t experience the classic jungle leap? But what’s the difference between jungle leaps in Phuket and Chiang Mai? What are the different jungle leap options in Phuket, and what are their unique features? Which one is suitable for you if you want to experience a jungle leap in Phuket? Don't worry, keep reading and you'll find out.

Flying Hanuman

Phuket's largest jungle zipline project, with the highest station overlooking the entire Kathu area.

Tarzan Adventure

"Tarzan Jungle Adventure, set in the mountains surrounded by tropical rainforest, features a resting area and some stations that offer charming sea views of the east coast of Phuket Island. The entire adventure includes 42 stations, adding challenges of physical fitness and balance such as climbing, crossing bridges, walking on suspension bridges, and crossing rope nets in addition to the jungle zipline. What's particularly great is that the resting area in the park offers a beautiful view of Chalong Pier, and on a clear day, the white tower on the mountain is also visible."

Hanuman World

Hanuman is a divine monkey in India, known for his ability to glide through the air and drive through clouds, similar to our Sun Wukong. "Monkey God World" is a great way to experience nature. Racing at 40km/h on a zip line through a tropical rainforest is also quite exciting.


The ancestor of Thailand's jungle leap is the one in Chiang Mai that is most famous. The Phuket Skyline is located in Rawai and is a relatively new leap camp in Phuket. There are 8 platform sites that offer views of Rawai Beach and Kata Beach. There are 18 high ropes, including Phuket's highest and longest high rope. In addition to the leap, there are other exciting facilities: breathtaking tree-top platforms, rock climbing, sky bridges, and spiral stairs.