Shunde: The food capital that is worth making a special trip to, where to eat for all eight meals in a day

Tasting Shunde during the holidays, you must be prepared to queue for a long time or risk missing out. Queuing at popular shops is a must, but even after waiting, there is no guarantee of getting the desired delicacy as popular dishes may run out quickly.

Minxin old shop

Signature double skin milk is a must-order, followed by highly praised steamed salted milk and fried milk. Finally, try the savory taro cake to balance the sweetness. The hot double skin milk is slightly sweet, the salted milk with a hint of salt balances the richness of sweetness perfectly, and it has a rich milky flavor. Located on Huagai Road Pedestrian Street, a typical Lingnan arcade, walking in the corridor can provide some coolness, especially in the scorching summer.

Sha Guo Brothers

San La refers to cured meat, cured sausage, and cured duck. The cured flavor undoubtedly pairs well with clay pot rice. It emits a slightly alcoholic aroma, with oil seeping in and enveloping the distinct grains of rice. Stir the runny egg with tender beef, and continue rolling with the cured flavor and rice crust, separating the slightly browned rice grains from the bottom of the pot.

Fair and beautiful in Apricot Altar

This restaurant specializes in beef congee. Half a pound of beef with a congee base and a boiled egg. They also serve dishes like pork offal stew and fish slices, as well as stir-fried dishes on an iron plate. We ordered one pound of beef, one serving of stir-fried oil mustard greens, one iron plate squid, one stir-fried clams, and one beef brisket Chen Village noodles. The portions of the dishes are generous, and the servings are large.

Shunde Renjia Restaurant

Top-ranking Cantonese-style morning tea, shrimp dumplings, chicken feet in black bean sauce, Chen Village rice noodles with XO sauce, green tea red bean paste pancake, Loon Kow cake, rice noodle rolls, and plain congee with milk are all excellent.

Moo Shu Pork

No rice, no rice grains, if you have rice but can't see it, the essence of Wumizhou is in the essence of rice. In the silky porridge base, first add shellfish to enhance flavor, then fish, followed by tender beef according to personal preference, and finally vegetables, until the porridge reaches its highest level. Drink a bowl of nutritious and delicious porridge, which warms the heart.

Huanji milk

Huanji only sells three things - double skin milk, cow's milk, and milk. There were no more tickets when I arrived at the store, the boss said to wait and see if there were any leftovers after all the tickets were served. In line with my foodie persistence, I patiently waited in the store, watching bowl after bowl of double skin milk pass by, making my throat continuously roll.


"Signature Roast Goose" is a must-try, limited in quantity, so you have to come early to have a taste. Legend has it that it's even better than the famous Da Tou Hua Roast Goose that has been on TV (which is actually nearby, but according to reviews, it's overpriced and not that good, so I choose to pass). The roast goose has crispy and fragrant skin, and you can already guess its crispiness from the subtle "sizzle" sound when you bite into it. The meat under the skin is juicy, with a rich and layered texture. The flavorful marinade that comes with the roast goose is not only perfect as a condiment, but also makes a great fried rice when mixed together.

Huige's private dishes

The shop's signature dishes are sauna chicken and sauna fish. The chicken meat is evenly sliced and each piece has chicken skin, along with shredded cabbage, shredded ginger, shredded mushrooms, and red dates as garnishes. After steaming, the aroma is enticing and makes one's appetite open wide. The chicken meat is flavorful and juicy, tender to the extreme, with an indescribable delicate texture and a lingering sweet taste. It is truly a delicious experience that has never been tasted before. The chicken soup underneath the steamed dish contains chicken bones, corn, carrots, winter melon, etc., absorbing the essence that dripped during the steaming process of the chicken meat, making the broth even more sweet and tasty.

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