Eating in Guangdong, you must not miss these delicious food restaurants

"Chinese Delicacies" and "Taste of Shunde" are probably well-known and influential food programs for everyone! "Eating in Guangzhou, cooking in Phoenix City", the Phoenix City mentioned here refers to Shunde, but strictly speaking, Shunde is not called Phoenix City. Phoenix City is another name for Daliang, because there is a mountain called Fengshan. Since Daliang is now under the jurisdiction of Shunde, people now also call Shunde Phoenix City.

Minxin's old shop

Double Skin Milk shops on Gailu Pedestrian Street, one called Minxin and the other Renxin. Minxin's milk is not very sweet, with a lighter milk flavor, which is more suitable for the taste buds of northerners! For those who like a sweeter milk taste, I recommend Renxin~ You can even try both and compare! The signature dish "Golden and Silver Soup" is usually sold out by noon. "Coconut Stewed Milk" is also a specialty, and you can dig out the coconut flesh.

Spicy beef offal from Xiemei

"Wuxiang niuzha" is divided into small size 30, medium size 40, and large size 50; when there are more people, choose the large size! Tofu and radish as the base, paired with beef tripe and beef intestines, boiled to be tender and chewy! Truly the most delicious "wuxiang niuzha" in Shunde!

Huan Jielun teaches cake

Lun Jiao Cake, a specialty of Foshan. Huanjie Lun Jiao Cake is located at the end of Huagai Road Pedestrian Street in Daliang. "White Sugar/Yellow Sugar Lun Jiao Cake", if you go early, you can also buy double flavor.

Minjun Herbal Tea Shop

Real herbal tea is a bitter medicinal soup. Minjun Pharmacy sells prescription drugs, and the tea shop's main product is tortoise jelly, divided into three levels based on the price of the medicinal materials. The regular edition is 12 yuan, the gold edition is 25 yuan, and of course, since you're here, you should try the most expensive "gold edition tortoise jelly"! When taken out of the freezer, the aunt will pour in water and red sugar syrup, masking the slightly bitter taste of the tortoise jelly herbal medicine. You can definitely eat two of them in one go, which is both healthy and great for beauty.

Sha Bao Brothers

Shabu Brothers' shop is located on Huagai Road Pedestrian Street, which is very convenient! The shop is quite small, and you may have to wait for half an hour or more at noon on weekends. I recommend the "Three Wax Beef and Egg Pot Rice" and "Beef and Yellow Eel Pot Rice", as well as other options for pairing dishes. They are priced around 13-23 yuan, really affordable! There is also "Clear Nourishing Black Chicken Soup" for only 10 yuan, but if you go too late, it may be sold out.

Li Xi remembers bungee jumping

The founder of Bouncy Sand, Li Xi, created the Bouncy Sand Crispy Sweets, which have a unique flavor. The traditional production process of Bouncy Sand has been passed down from generation to generation, and its series of delicious snacks with a strong local flavor have become the best gifts for visiting merchants and overseas Chinese in Hong Kong and Macau to give to their friends and family.

Golden List Joyful Dairy

Double skin milk costs 9 yuan per serving, with a very reasonable price. The solid layer of cheese cream on the top is really unique and delicious! Water buffalo milk costs 25 yuan per bottle, and it is indeed better than fresh cow milk with a sweet and smooth taste. Milk powder costs 35 yuan per box, it can be soaked in porridge, used for cooking, drinking milk, etc.

Fatty light fish sushi

This restaurant is the one I most want to eat at in "Taste of Shunde"! One fish, four dishes! "Chrysanthemum Fish Sashimi" - Fresh and translucent, with a sweet taste and no fishy smell, mixed with seasoning such as oil, salt, and ginger, creating an indescribable delicious taste! Chewy and refreshing~ "Fish Head Congee" - Fish head, fish tail, and crushed rice boiled into congee, perfect for a warm and delicious stomach after eating sashimi~ "Salt and Pepper Fish Bones" - The fish bones are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, cooked to perfection! "Cold Tossed Fish Skin" - The fish skin is scale-free, chewy and flavorful!


Lily Bulbs Restaurant is known as a famous restaurant in Shunde, but it is hidden. It is surrounded by residential areas, with a low-key entrance, but it is a hidden paradise once you enter. The environment is outstanding! It is one of the top private home-style restaurants in Foshan, although it hasn't been featured on Dianping's "Black Pearl" or "Must-Eat" list, the taste is equally excellent! The service in Guangdong is really good! The manager personally explains the river delicacies and vegetables that we northerners are not familiar with, which is very friendly!

Cheung Fan

Rice noodle roll chain stores are abundant in various districts, and you can order takeaway from Xiangyun Sha! The hotel's morning tea is very rich, but I chose to order takeaway and save some for later! (However, it seems that the store closest to Huagai Road has closed down). "Pork ball congee" is not greasy, with smooth meat and fine rice porridge, it's very comfortable to have a bowl in the morning! "Deboned fish congee" is also highly recommended, made with fried fish bones, it's fresh and doesn't have a fishy taste~ "Signature rice noodle roll" and "Char siu rice noodle roll" are also top-notch in terms of taste and value, a great breakfast choice!


Tao Tao Ju is located in the tenth lane, and it is one of the old and famous brands in the catering industry in Guangzhou, specializing in tea, mooncakes, and dishes. It was founded in either the sixth year of Guangxu (1880) or the nineteenth year of Guangxu (1893). Tao Tao Ju is known as the "master of mooncakes" and its "Tao Tao Ju Mooncake" has won the "Golden Tripod Award" and the title of "China Famous Brand Mooncake". In 1993, it was awarded the title of "Chinese Time-Honored Brand" by the Ministry of Domestic Trade; in 1998, it was approved as a "National Top-Grade Restaurant" by the Ministry of Domestic Trade.

Guangzhou restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant was established in 1935 and is renowned as the "first restaurant for fine dining in Guangzhou."