Shunde must-visit attractions coordinates

Must-visit hotspots in Foshan that you can't miss! These popular attractions are your best choice!

Shunde Qinghui Garden

The Qinghui Garden, located in Hua Gai Li, Daliang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a masterpiece of classical garden art in southern China. It is one of the four famous gardens in Lingnan and has been listed as a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit. Its layout not only absorbs the essence of Suzhou garden art, but also adapts to local conditions, with a tranquil and natural environment and elegant beauty. The entire garden of Qinghui is well-constructed and compact. The architectural art is impressive, with buildings that are light and flexible in form, simple and elegant in style, and the spatial layout of the garden is clear and structured.

Shunde Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Shunde Changlu Farm is located in the Pearl River main stream area, it is a farmhouse with Lingnan historical culture and full of water town charm. The farm is a comprehensive scenic area that integrates entertainment, play, accommodation, food, and sightseeing. The main theme parks in the area include "Farmhouse Theme Park", "Amusement Park", "Water World Theme Park", etc. It is indeed the best place for leisure, tourism, and business meetings, as well as a sacred place for group organized tours. Shunde Changlu Farm mostly adopts the Lingnan architectural style, which has a natural feel and profound cultural connotation.

Foshan Shunde Museum

Cultural features design, showcasing the characteristics and historical culture of Shunde and its various towns, documenting the glorious history and cultural spirit of Shunde, introducing Shunde cuisine, and presenting the indomitable spirit of Shunde people. High-end design! Beautiful environment!
Shunde Ziyunge is a local temple our client led us to. We first visited the temple to worship, then had a meal at a nearby vegetarian restaurant. Ziyunge sounds like an attic, but it is actually a temple. The courtyard is spacious and the main hall is majestic. In front of the hall, there are several very old bodhi trees. As we visited in the evening, the temple was not crowded and had a serene atmosphere.
The park began construction in 1999 and was opened to the public during the National Day holiday in 2004. It covers an area of 8,209 mu and includes areas such as Taiping Mountain, Shenbu Mountain, Guipan Lake, and Qingyun Lake. The park's construction highlights the theme of "mountain scenery and water charm," fully considering the characteristics of Shunfeng Mountain's real mountains and water and its profound humanistic historical heritage. It cleverly utilizes natural spatial layout and historical landmarks such as the old Zhaita and Qingyun Pagoda to form a natural and cultural landscape pattern of "green mountains, clear waters, one temple, two lakes, and two pagodas."

Bruce Lee Park

Li Xiaolong Park is located in the scenic Guangdong provincial tourist resort of Shunde Juna Town. Li Xiaolong's ancestral home is about 1 kilometer away from the park in "Shangcun". The park covers an area of nearly 3,000 acres, featuring typical Lingnan hilly terrain. With 22 green hills surrounding it, the park has a continuous chain of lakes, lush trees, fresh air, and a peaceful environment, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It can be called a "paradise" in the Pearl River Delta.
After several renovations, BaoLin Temple presents itself as a magnificent and must-visit attraction. The ancient and dignified halls in BaoLin Temple include the bell tower, Nine Dragon Screen, guest hall, Grand Buddha Hall, Puxian Hall, Guanyin Hall, and the drum tower, making it a famous scenic spot within the temple. Furthermore, the Guanyin Hall in BaoLin Temple is not only compact in layout but also elegant and exquisite, which has attracted countless visitors to the temple.
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