Unmissable Instagrammable Hotels in Hua Hin

The best way to spend the hot summer days is to go on a beach vacation, and Hua Hin is a great destination for that! Hua Hin has always been a royal vacation spot in Thailand and is now a popular getaway for many people. Let me show you how to choose a hotel for the perfect photo shoot!

The perfect combination of retro and fresh style, the bathtub here is worth taking ten thousand photos! The overall presentation is a fresh Nanyang style, which is really amazing to take pictures. Each room is equipped with an open bathtub, with the floor tiles elements, making the bathtub area huge and perfect for photography. The corridor is also an excellent place for taking pictures, with a combination of retro blue and white, highlighting the fresh vacation style immediately. It is especially recommended to take pictures at the stairs, with a bird's-eye view that is even more surprising!
Stunning geometric space, how can such a stunning hotel still be unknown! Every corner and every wall is a photo-worthy material, from the layered porch, the courtyard pool, to the pure blue walls... It is truly the "most beautiful accommodation and spa in Hua Hin"! Upon entering the hotel, you have to pass through a narrow time tunnel, dim lights, and tranquil colors that calm the soul. Then there is a large pool in a room type, where one pool of blue water symbolizes the source of life.
At the beach resort hotel, the entire room is surrounded by a swimming pool. Lying on the fabric sofa, looking out through the large floor-to-ceiling glass window, the feeling is very comfortable. The room's design is very special, with a light Muji style interior decoration, simple and generous. Amazingly, there is also a large bathtub on the balcony, where you can soak and enjoy the view of the forest and sea, and taking photos is also fantastic!

Putahracsa Hua Hin Resort

Ins hottest Santorini style, with an endless pool hotel. With a huge pool blending with the sea and sky, there is a comfortable feeling of swimming in the sea. Resting on a lounge chair to watch the sunset and enjoy a drink is also very enjoyable with your legs up.
Greek pure white wind, great for taking pictures! The hotel is located in the depths of an alley, adjacent to the seaside, with a super high cost performance.