What are the Chinese restaurants in Vienna worth trying?

While Viennese schnitzels and cakes are delicious, sometimes Chinese stomachs get tired of them! Actually, Vienna also has many Chinese restaurants worth visiting. Why not try a different taste?

The average price is around 13-14 euros, and the menu varies between lunch and dinner.

Vienna China Sichuan Restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the best of its kind in the world. Over the past twenty years, it has been serving Sichuan traditional dishes, along with fine wines and Chinese tea.

China bar

Simon Shihong is well known for his TV show "Silent Gourmet", he has excellent establishments including ON Restaurant, ON Market, and Chinese Bar.

Happy Buddha

Authentic Cantonese cuisine

Kiang Rotgasse

Asian-flavored restaurant located in the center of Vienna, high cost-performance ratio.

Küche 18 - Chinese Cuisine

Authentic stir-fry dishes
A top Chinese restaurant in the heart of Europe according to a Sichuan native.