Satisfy Your Appetite with Bento Boxes from Two Train Stations in Taipei

Bento is called "box meal" in mainland China, which means fast food. Many people who enjoy train travel have a fondness for bento, especially in Japan and Taiwan. In the era of slow-moving trains, bento boxes with simple packaging and simple meals accompanied travelers on their long journeys. Taiwan railway bento boxes have been a collective memory for several generations since the Japanese colonial era, accompanying the evolution of trains and the increase in speed. In an era of economic underdevelopment and monotonous food supply, railway bento was considered luxurious, but in the present world of abundant delicacies, bento carries nostalgia and homesickness.

Old Dong Bento

Located in the lobby of Taipei Station on the first floor, the nostalgic bento at Old Dong's looks quite nostalgic. Let's buy one and try it, after all, I'm feeling a bit hungry after the train ride. Overall, Old Dong's bento tastes decent, with the rice being cooked just right and the braised chicken leg paired with vegetables, the combination of meat and vegetables is quite reasonable. When getting off at Taipei Station, you can try buying it, it is much better than the fast food in mainland China, and it's also quite affordable at around 20 RMB.
Taiwan Railway bento can be mostly purchased on the high-speed rail or in Taiwan Railway. Their taste is slightly inferior to that of Laodong's, but they are still a good choice as food for travel.