Inventory of the Largest in Wuhai

A magical city with a coexistence of desert and sea. It is a place that is primitive, tranquil, and rugged, yet also exudes a sense of gentleness. It has not been excessively developed, like a virgin land waiting to be explored. Come and explore it.

Read a book

【Humanistic】Located on the west side of the Calligraphy Square in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, and close to Wuhai Lake, the Reading Encounter Book Bar is a three-story building. The name of the book bar comes from the famous saying of Ms. Yang Jiang: "Encounter the best self in reading." You can take a walk by Wuhai Lake and then go to the book bar to have a coffee and browse books.

Golden Bay

[Most Exciting] The Golden Bay Eco-tourism Area has continuous sand dunes and rare vegetation, resembling a desert in a bay. This sparkling sand dune is perfect for photography, and there are many fun amusement projects, such as sand dune motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and desert camel caravans, which can make your adrenaline soar!
[Wuhai Lake] On one side of Wuhai Lake is turquoise water, on the other side is golden sand, grand and naturally formed, creating a beautiful picture of "a lake emerges from the desert, bringing a taste of the Jiangnan region to the frontier". When you approach Wuhai Lake, you will definitely marvel at the beauty of nature!
Mangbala Monastery is a sacred place dedicated to the study of medical religion, with Tibetan medicine research as its main feature in Tibetan Buddhism. It doesn't charge admission and is particularly quiet, welcoming only pilgrims.

Mount Gandler

Gander Mountain, a landmark that can be seen from any location in the city, is a must-visit spot in Wuhai.