Shangri-La has numerous exquisite flower viewing spots

The must-not-miss part in Shangri-La is the amazing flower appreciation activity. The high altitude here allows more flower fields to bloom earlier. Here are a few selected scenic spots for you to witness the stunning views.



Old village

Many beautiful Tibetan villages are located along the road from the southern gate of Shangri-La to the Xiaozhongdian Road. There is no excessive commercial development and few bustling tourists. Only quiet rural roads. However, these villages are so primitive, serene, and peaceful, giving people a sense of beauty of the hidden world without any disputes. To capture the beautiful scenery of these Tibetan villages, one needs to delve into the village and appreciate them slowly.

Napahaila grassland

The best tourism season or time in Shangri-La is undoubtedly summer and autumn. In the summer, besides the lush green grass and blooming flowers in Pudacuo National Park, Napa Hai Yila Grassland, which is closer to the city, is an endless green pasture with herds of cattle and sheep. Various wild flowers compete for beauty, presenting a beautiful pastoral scene. The picturesque Yila Grassland faces the towering Shika Snow Mountain. "Shika" is a Tibetan translation in Shangri-La, meaning "mountain with deer." Deer is one of the auspicious animals in Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizing auspiciousness, longevity, and the elimination of evil. Therefore, Shika Snow Mountain is the guardian deity in the hearts of the Tibetan people in Shangri-La.

Shangri la thousand lake mountain

Qianhu Mountain - This name, which is relatively unfamiliar to those who only know about Shangri-La, is called "Lamdongcuo" in Tibetan, meaning the goddess Qianhu or fairy Qianhu. It is said that a fairy lost her mirror while combing her hair here, and the broken glass fragments turned into numerous lakes scattered among the mountains. Qianhu Mountain has nearly 300 lakes of various sizes, with San Bi Hai and Da Hei Hai as the center, all located at an elevation of 3,800 to 4,000 meters, making it the most concentrated area of high mountain lakes in Yunnan. In order to facilitate more flower-watching tourists, you can also come to this beautiful and magical legendary place, we can travel light and hike for less than a day to explore the magical realm of Qianhu Mountain.

Bigu Tianchi

Bigu is a pasture located at an altitude of 3500 meters in the joint village of Xiao Zhongdian in Shangri-La. Therefore, this tranquil lake is called Bigu Tianchi by the local Tibetan people. Bigu Tianchi is surrounded not only by large areas of primitive forests and green pastures, but also by quiet herds of cows and sheep. Even more breathtaking are the rhododendrons by the lake. The rhododendrons in Shangri-La here grow in abundance, with the majority being the large-crowned, brightly colored yellow, white, and red varieties. When the flowers bloom, they compete to release their dazzling beauty, turning the lakeside into a beautiful flower garland surrounded by water. These flowers have various postures and colors. The white ones are elegant and pure, the yellow ones are calm yet do not hide their beauty, and the red ones are warm and brilliant, combining to create a silent choir of flowers. Bigu Tianchi is an ocean and paradise of flowers. The best time to visit Bigu Tianchi is during the flower season, which is from May to August, when the lake is at its most beautiful.