Lijiang's most beautiful homestay awards, highlighting those poetic abodes with stunning aesthetics

Lijiang is a beautiful and friendly city, hiding a lot of guesthouses and hotels, welcoming tourists from all over the world. Here, we have selected many waterfront accommodations for you to experience the local charm and flavor.

The soft time of Goddess mountain - half mountain sunshine

The Lugu Lake Half Mountain Sunshine Boutique Inn is a hidden inn nestled in a half-mountain ancient village. Its excellent location and suitable altitude provide a pleasant climate and abundant sunlight throughout the year in this beautiful ancient village at the foot of the Goddess Mountain. In a quiet corner of the Lugu Lake Half Mountain Sunshine Boutique Inn, you can enjoy a pot of Yunnan's specialty Pu'er tea and idle away the time chatting and sunbathing with friends. It is a particularly beautiful and soft moment at Lugu Lake. The sunshine in every corner of the half mountain leaves imprints of time. The rooms are mostly made of logs and exude a natural atmosphere. With an open view, you can observe the villagers' lives and work, becoming a scenic view of the inn. Located between the companionate Goddess Mountain and the lake, it offers a perfect stargazing spot. The exquisite third-floor terrace starry room offers a wonderful experience of stargazing.

Window with jade dragon and snow in autumn - jinmaokaiyue

The Lijiang Jinmao Hyatt Regency Residence is an apartment-style hotel with exquisite courtyards, carefully placed decorations, and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain within reach as soon as you open the door. Each room has a uniquely designed viewing platform, as if you were in the ancient town.

Facing the sea, flowers bloom in spring

The overall layout of the Langqiao Bieyuan Hotel is located by the lake, next to the lakeside of Lugu Lake, with very beautiful scenery. The hotel owner is very enthusiastic and the service is very thoughtful. The hotel rooms are spacious, beautifully decorated, and very modern.

Shenshan, Xiandao, picturesque lake, erwan

The Erwan Luxury Resort Hotel in Lugu Lake is located in the beautiful and peaceful Daluo Water Village, with an excellent geographical location, enjoying the clear mountain spring water, and surrounded by beautiful mountains. The wise enjoy water, the benevolent enjoy mountains, and the hotel stands by the mountains and water, with the deep blue lake just a stone's throw away, and the majestic Goddess Mountain across the lake, with green mountains and clear waters making you intoxicated. Staying at the Erwan Luxury Resort Hotel, you can personally experience the otherworldly paradise of "mountains and islands in the painting of the lake, with different scenery in three different times of sunlight". The hotel has hired well-known domestic guesthouse designers to create a perfect blend of human and natural environments, using a simple luxury design concept, carefully creating a variety of charming room types, with high-quality equipment inside the rooms, equipped with air conditioning, smart TV, projector, bathtub, MINI bar, starry sky skylight, panoramic balcony, outdoor garden, and more.

The place where immortals live - stories light and extravagant

The story of the luxury lakeside resort is all about the story. Here, it is the place where immortals live, by the side of Lugu Lake, with fine wine ready for you to tell your story, listen to stories, or even create a little story. The hotel is dedicated to building stories and striving to be close to your story, but in this process, we hope for more joy.

Xiangshe Inn, amanshan, Lugu Lake

The Man Shan Xiang She Inn at Lugu Lake

The first house in Lige

The first inn in Lugu Lake Lige Village is located in Lige Village, built against the mountains and by the water, with convenient transportation and pleasant environment. The exterior of the first inn in Lige Village of Lugu Lake retains the Mosuo architectural style, with two ancestral houses. The guest rooms are quaint and unique, fully equipped, and the service is sincere. The inn has dining, bar, etc., allowing you to experience the unique local customs and flavors from every brick and tile.

Push the window to embrace Lugu Lake - bamboo cottage

The Bamboo House Inn is located on the lakeside road of Lugu Lake in the Lugu Lake Scenic Area, Lugu Lake, Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, adjacent to the lakeside, facing Lugu Lake. The inn covers an area of 1500 square meters, with a multi-functional hall, a lake-view rest area, a restaurant, and a garden courtyard. It is a mid-range inn at the Lujiawan Pier of Lugu Lake.

Mosuo people's wooden house -- the second blooming

The Lugu Lake Cidi Blossom Inn is an elegant boutique inn for vacation. The main building of the inn is a traditional Mosuo ethnic residence - the wooden log house. The environment is excellent, and the service is very warm, giving a feeling of being at home.

Life is just like the first meeting - the first meeting of the Inn

When I first saw the guesthouse at Lugu Lake, the environment was very good, and the view of Lugu Lake was amazing. If you can book a room with a large balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery even lying on the bed. It's really worth recommending.