A Guide to Strolling with Kids in Taiwan

Taiwan is known as a great destination for family trips, with Taipei, Kenting, and Hualien being popular destinations. What can you do with your kids in Taiwan? Let's take a look!

Taipei Zoo was established in 1915 and is surrounded by hills and forests. It includes areas like the Taiwanese Animal Zone, Children’s Animal Zone, Asian Tropical Rainforest Zone, and the Insect Valley. The Penguin Pavilion and Koala House are both very popular among children.
One of the favorite tourist spots for American tourists.
The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is located in Checheng Township, Pingtung County, adjacent to the Turtle Mountain foothills in the coastal area near Kenting National Park. With a total area of about 60 hectares, it includes three exhibition halls. The Taiwan Waters Pavilion allows visitors to explore the aquatic ecosystems from the mountains to the ocean, including the world's largest fish, the whale shark. The Coral Kingdom Pavilion features an 84-meter-long underwater tunnel showcasing the vibrant coral reef ecosystems of the South China Sea. The World Waters Pavilion showcases the oldest, tallest, most mysterious, and coldest marine ecosystems on Earth, with a special highlight being a 10-meter-long acrylic glass giant seaweed display tank. In addition, the Antarctic penguins and Arctic beluga whales are also popular attractions for visitors. The diverse exhibits, engaging educational activities, and overnight programs at the museum make the journey of exploring marine life filled with enjoyment and surprises.
Deer Valley Ecological Meihualu Park, also known as Kenting Little Nara, is home to many wild deer. Unlike wild deer, the deer in the park like to interact with visitors, who can get up close and feed them. The adorable little deer are gentle and cute, attracting many animal lovers and also being a reason why many parents bring their children here.
The scenery at the observation deck is very good.
Hualien Light Sugar Factory, also known as Hualien Tourist Sugar Factory, was an important sugar factory in eastern Taiwan in the past. It stopped production in the 91st year of the Republic of China and transformed into a tourist sugar factory. Here, you can see Japanese-style wooden houses, taste the sugar factory ice cream and Taiwanese specialty snacks. The sugar factory is surrounded by the Hualien-Dongshan River Valley and has beautiful surroundings, as well as many attractions and activities, making it an ideal destination for family trips.