Urumqi Deep Travel

We have compiled some classic travel routes about Urumqi to help those friends who are planning to visit here.

Shuimogou Park

Composed of "Qingquan Mountain, Hongqiao Mountain, Hot Spring Mountain, Water Tower Mountain, Xuelian Mountain, and Shuimo River," it combines the charm of ice and snow with picturesque scenery and is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It is the largest park in the area and visitors can walk among small bridges, flowing water, pavilions, and towers.

Urumqi Tian Shan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Grand Canyon is awarded "National AAAAA-level Tourist Scenic Area"; listed in "Magical Northwest Top 100 Sceneries". It is a living museum of nomadic culture and an outdoor leisure paradise. Currently, there is a direct shuttle bus from Urumqi South Suburban Bus Station to Tianshan Grand Canyon, which takes just over an hour and costs 35 yuan to reach the entrance of the scenic area. Besides self-driving, visitors can also experience the beauty of the canyon.
Tianshan No. 1 Glacier, also known as Urumqi River Glacier, is located in the source area of Urumqi River on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains. It is known as a glacier fossil and is the closest glacier to a large city in the world.

Chrysanthemum platform

Chrysanthemum Platform is a place name in Urumqi, Xinjiang, located in Gangou Township in the southwest of Urumqi. It is a forest meadow in the Zhongshan Belt, and every year from April to October, the meadow is filled with wild chrysanthemums that give off a fragrant aroma.

The ancient road of Wusun

Throat connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountains, with beautiful scenery and clear waters. Hiking route: Qiongkushitai Village - Baozhadundan - Koksu River - Heavenly Lake - Akbulak Dundan - Heiyingshan Pass. From Ürümqi Nianzigou Long-distance Bus Station, there is a sleeper bus to Tekes County at 18:00 every day, with a ticket price of 185 yuan and a travel time of 16 hours. Rent a car in Tekes County to Qiongkushitai Pastoral Village, which takes 4 hours. A simple rural road winds 96 kilometers from Tekes County to Qiongkushitai Village.

Guhya Salt Lake

"Xinjiang Chaka Salt Lake" - Guhya Salt Lake Scenic Spot, only 72 kilometers away from Urumqi City, is also known as the "Mysterious Lake". With unique natural resources and the core of salt culture, it strives to create the tourism brand of "China's Dead Sea - Xinjiang Salt Lake". The vast and boundless lakes blend with distant snow-capped mountains and blue skies.