Urumqi pilgrimage site: temple recommendations

The famous temple in Xinjiang, is also the most popular temple to visit. Whether it is the first time or multiple visits, it is recommended to go inside and worship sincerely.

The largest Buddhist temple in northwest China, where you can fully experience the Buddhist culture of the Western Regions.
Shaanxi Grand Mosque is an autonomous region-level cultural relic protection unit in Xinjiang, and it is also the largest Hui Muslim mosque in Urumqi City.

Mt. Everest

The building is a two-story structure, with a shopping mall on the lower level and a mosque on the upper level. The exterior of the building has semi-circular staircases on both sides, combining Islamic traditional art with modern architectural art, presenting a unique charm.
Tatar Temple is the main venue for religious activities of ethnic groups such as Uighurs, Tatars, and Uzbeks in the city. It is also a mosque open to the public. Visitors can enter the temple for a visit after making prior arrangements, and they can also observe Muslim prayers at the rear of the mosque.
The main building of Nanda Temple is the worship hall, which can accommodate thousands of people for worship. The temple also has a preaching hall, shower pool, rooms for religious leaders, and a reception room for foreign guests.

Erdaoqiao Mosque

Erdaoqiao Mosque is an Islamic mosque, also registered as a religious activity site by the ethnic and religious department of Urumqi, with a total area of approximately 2400 square meters. It can accommodate 300 people for simultaneous religious activities, and the interior decoration is mainly in Islamic style.
The temple was first built in 1877 and is one of the earliest grand mosques in Xinjiang. It looks very beautiful under the illumination of lights.