Special Xinjiang cuisine, not eating is equivalent to coming for nothing

We recommend some "specialty dishes" with local flavors and charm, satisfying a variety of taste buds in one go.

Chai Wo Bao's specialty is rooster

Special recommendation: Big Tray Chicken, authentic Big Tray Chicken, locally sourced rooster served with vegetables, spicy and satisfying.

Grilled Meat King

Grilled lamb skewers have fresh meat, a balanced fat-to-lean ratio, and authentic spices. Recommended dishes include grilled lamb leg, lamb tendon, and lamb liver. The main course options include hand-pulled rice, roasted buns, which both have authentic taste and texture, and rich local flavors. Highly recommended.

Feng Hui Yuan La Jia Fan

The local favorite dish is hand-pulled rice, glossy and fragrant. Recommended dishes: appetizers, milk tea, lamb chop and leg hand-pulled rice, and carrot juice. The storefront is not big and the environment is average, but the taste is authentic!

Abdullah's naan bread

Recommended dishes: sesame flatbread, roasted flatbread, oily flatbread, crispy flatbread, flatbread with stewed meat, grilled buns. Flatbread, whether crispy or soft, has a delicious taste and is a daily delicacy of the local people.

Kaiyuan Sheng Toksun mixed noodles

Noodle dishes, with soft, long and round noodles, and fresh and refreshing side dishes. Recommended dishes: Refined mixed noodles, oil-fried meat mixed noodles, spicy rolled meat mixed noodles, minced meat mixed noodles, spicy chicken stir-fry, scallion-braised lamb mixed noodles, cabbage mixed noodles, baby cabbage mixed noodles, mixed stew, and sour cabbage meat mixed noodles.

International Bazaar Restaurant

Four floors of the International Bazaar, with a strong ethnic flavor. Prices vary depending on the location, with higher prices closer to the front. Dining is self-service, and guests need to help themselves before the performance starts. The menu is extensive, with tender and crispy roasted buns, hand-pulled rice with raisins, and deliciously cooked lamb. The only downside is the large number of people, resulting in long queues.

Mamut's specialty grilled buns

Recommended dish: Roasted buns. Roasted buns are directly baked in the tandoor, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender interior.

Sichuan-style Pepper Chicken

Recommended dishes: blanched mustard greens, yogurt, spinach gluten, steamed powder straw, spicy and sour gluten, etc. Pepper sesame chicken, crispy chicken skin, very numbing and refreshing, delicious with hot steamed buns.

Baihua Village's cold noodles

Recommended dishes: Yogurt, Fried Meat Skewers, Guaiwei Liang Mian (a type of cold noodles with a unique flavor), Stir-fried Rice Noodles, Cold Noodles, Sesame Cold Noodles, Jelly Noodles, and Liang Pi (a type of cold noodle dish made from wheat or rice flour). Cold Noodles are known for their chewy texture and are famous for their sesame sauce and unique flavor.