Good place in Urumqi for skiing

Skiing is the best choice for a trip to Xinjiang, as it provides both fitness and a chance to experience the beautiful winter scenery of Xinjiang. Here are a few famous and unique ski resorts in Xinjiang that we recommend.

Wukesong Ski Resort

Only 32 kilometers away from Urumqi, convenient transportation. The ski resort has excellent winter average temperature, average altitude of ski trails, skiing season, snow quality and friction, and is suitable for beginners with a high safety factor and a beautiful environment with good air quality.
One of the top three ski resorts in the country, it has 8 ski slopes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers, as well as 3 dedicated skiing and sightseeing cable cars that provide direct access to the pristine forest in the northwest region. It also has two comfortable magic carpet areas for children and adults to learn to ski.

Yinfeng Ski Resort

Located in the picturesque Shui Xi Gou Town Yang Quan Gou Scenic Area, the ski resort divides the ski slopes into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, aiming to disperse activities for visitors of different ages and skill levels in different areas and avoid collisions.

Xuelian Mountain Ski Resort

Located at the foot of Bogda Peak in the Tianshan Mountain Range, Shuimogou is a renowned tourist attraction with multiple ski slopes suitable for visitors of all levels and unique cable car features.

Wester Ski Resort

Integrated with dining, accommodation, and skiing, the ski resort also features a night skiing area, where you can enjoy the splendid night view of Urumqi while skiing down the slopes.
One of the first four 3S-level ski resorts in Xinjiang, with a large natural ski resort, ice rink, and training base for expansion.

Nanshan Sunlight Sport Ski Resort

Urumqi Sunshine SPORT Ski Resort is located 45 kilometers away from the city center. It provides convenient transportation and smooth roads. There are daily shuttle buses that go directly to the ski resort from the city. It takes about one hour to reach the ski resort service hall by bus. Enjoy the blue sky and white snow in winter, with pine forests resting silently. It's a unique experience to ski through the snowy wilderness.