6 popular tourist spots in Changsha that are perfect for taking photos

When visiting Changsha, it's inevitable to take some photos to remember. This city, like many others, has numerous popular spots for taking photos! Here are a few highly distinctive architectural landmarks recommended for satisfying your photography desires!

Li Zijian Art Museum is located on the banks of the Xiangjiang River in the Yanghu Wetland Park area of Changsha City. It is the largest modern public art museum built and founded by Li Zijian and his wife Dan Hui. In May 2014, the internationally renowned monk Master Xingyun personally laid the foundation, and construction started in December of the same year. It was completed and opened to the public for free on October 1, 2016. On July 16, 2017, Li Zijian Art Museum was certified by the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA) as the "largest personal art museum by an artist" in the world.
Understanding Chinese image history, Xinglengdan style is a good place for photography. The Xie Zilong Image Art Museum aims to "collect Chinese image history" and "promote image art culture" to provide image art services to the public. Following the collection model of "encouraging donations, honorable collections, and paid acquisitions," it systematically collects early Chinese historical images, classic image albums, early image equipment, and contemporary image works.

Changsha International Financial Center

Changsha's trendy landmark, various angles to take photos with KAWS. IFS GINZA Center opened in mid-2018 and is a popular integrated shopping and entertainment center in Changsha. Its creative design is loved by young people, and the interior and top-level outdoor terrace are popular photo spots. The mall brings together numerous world-renowned brands, trendy brands, chain restaurants, cinemas, etc., and regularly holds art exhibitions, music festivals, beer festivals. It is worth mentioning that the mall's 7th floor has a sculpture garden and an art gallery, where you can also see the bustling pedestrian street and a distant view of the Xiang River.

Huayi Brothers (Changsha) Film Town

Huayi Brothers (Changsha) Film Town is located in the Dawangshan Tourism and Holiday Center of Changsha Xiangjiang New Area. The Phase I project is an Italian town consisting of Water City Venice and Mountain City Assisi, combining Huayi film scenes and incorporating the urban features and architectural style of an Italian town. The buildings and roads in the area are primarily linearly arranged, utilizing the existing natural terrain and reshaping the mountainous geographical environment of the site, thus creating a classic Italian town style. The project also incorporates dining, handicrafts, tourism merchandise, and traditional workshops featuring Italian local characteristics, aiming to create an interactive and experiential format with a purely Italian style.

Meixi Lake Cultural and Arts Center

Top-notch architectural design with a must-visit double helix observation platform. It meets the requirements for various types of performances, such as opera, ballet, musicals, and large-scale symphony concerts.

Jinggang Ancient Town

A great place to shoot antique-style films while strolling in the ancient town of late Qing Dynasty. Walking on the ancient street paved with bluestone, you can see late Qing style houses and shops on both sides. In the small workshops and stores, you can also witness traditional crafts such as iron forging and making balance beams. This is also the site where Zeng Guofan's Xiang Army and the Taiping Army had the Jinggang Water Battle.