Okinawa Travel Complete Guide to Main Island and Outer Islands

What are the best places to visit in Okinawa? What unique local dishes are there? What are some recommended must-try experiences if I were to go to Okinawa?

Manzamo is located on a cliff by the sea in Onna village, Kunigami district, Okinawa, Japan. Its name comes from King Shō Kei's praise of it as "a plain where ten thousand people can sit", because in the Okinawan dialect, "man" means "plain". This place is made up of limestone, its unique shape resembling an elephant's nose. The cliff is constantly eroded by the sea, forming a special landscape. The sea is blue, with large coral reefs in the deep, and the cliff top is a vast green grassland. Here, the true meaning of "vast" is referred to as "Manzamo". Standing here, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff, and see the expanse of the sea and sky in front of you. Starting from the parking lot, follow a U-shaped trail. In the first half, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Manzamo extending into the sea; in the second half, you can see the distinctive ANA InterContinental hotel and several calm bays dotted with exposed rocks. The beach around the bay is a filming location for the drama "Ren Sen Okinawa".
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the main attractions, consisting of an Aquarium Zone and a Beach Zone. The highlight of the Aquarium Zone is the "Kuroshio Sea", which is the world's largest, two-story tank. Behind the tank, various marine creatures swim freely, including three enormous whale sharks. Just imagine standing in front of the tank, with these massive creatures swimming freely above you. It is truly awe-inspiring. If you arrive early or have enough patience, you can enjoy delicious food at a café by the tank, while admiring the magnificent view of the "Kuroshio Sea".
"Yugoshi Yuden" is the most famous Japanese dessert shop in Okinawa, and all the desserts sold there are made from Okinawa specialty products. Many of the products are also among the top famous desserts in all of Japan, making them a great choice for souvenirs. As the building is situated by the sea, customers can enjoy sitting down facing the ocean to write postcards and send their feelings to their special someone. It must be wonderful!

Subtropical forest dinosaur park

This is a park themed on Jurassic dinosaurs, which is relatively new, located in the Yagurashita store of Yagofruit Yudono Palace, and is more suitable for parents and children to visit.
Ryukyu Village is a theme park located approximately 30 kilometers north of Onna Village that focuses on ancient Ryukyu culture. It combines the cultural and natural aspects of Okinawa to provide tourists with an excellent opportunity to learn about the island's ancient culture. The village preserves many traditional buildings and recreates the atmosphere and charm of Ryukyu culture. Visitors can learn about local customs, traditional crafts, and processes such as visiting the indigo dyeing and pottery studios and experiencing the pressing of sugarcane using water buffalos. In addition, tourists can enjoy traditional Okinawan dancing and performances of a thrilling cobra show called Eisa. Ryukyu Village is a place for a genuine Okinawan cultural experience, where one can immerse themselves in the history and beauty of Ryukyu.
Kouri Island is known for having the most transparent seawater in Okinawa and is also home to the 1960-meter Kouri Bridge, making it easily accessible by car. The bridge itself is also a popular tourist attraction for those travelling by car.

Taketomijima Akaneya

Convenient arrival, it takes only about 10 minutes by high-speed boat from the Ishigaki Island port! With a total land area of only 5.42 square kilometers, fit friends can take an easy cycling trip around the island. In addition, you can also choose to take a water buffalo cart to slowly appreciate the scenery on the island.

West watch Island

Iriomote Island is the largest island in the Yaeyama Islands and it is not only home to rivers and waterfalls, but also many unique mangrove plants at the intersection of rivers and seas. Even the very rare Iriomote cat can be seen on the island. In addition, the coral reefs near Iriomote Island are very diverse, hence it is known as the Japanese version of the Great Barrier Reef!

Yubujima Restaurant

Most areas on the island are uninhabited, with only a dozen or so residents on the entire island. However, there are often tourists visiting during the day. The depth of the sea between Yubu Island and Iriomote Island is about one meter during high tide and less than one meter during low tide. Therefore, residents often use water buffalo carts as a means of transportation between the two islands, which has become an important resource for tourism.
Okinawan local cuisine is very famous and reasonably priced. Another characteristic of Okinawa is buckwheat noodles. The classic flavors are mixed with modern seasonings, and the noodles, soup, pork chops, and pork belly are all carefully prepared and served with a unique and rich sauce, alongside firm and chewy noodles.

Ball Donut Park

Their home is truly a ball-themed paradise, offering a variety of unique ball-shaped donuts that are often flavored with natural fruits or ingredients like milk chocolate - a refreshing twist in the donut industry.
Yan Ya houses over 100 kinds of salt from Okinawa, making it Japan's largest and most comprehensive salt specialty store. With the help of a salt bartender, customers can select the perfect salt to match their dish based on taste and compatibility. All of the salts in the store are available for tasting.

Medicine Daikoku Drug

Suitable for bulk shopping, good geographical location, easy to reach. There is an A&W located next to HAPINAHA (former Mitsukoshi), which can be easily found at the corner of the alley.

Folli Follie

It gathers over 70 international well-known brands, including Japanese local brands. You can find almost all the luxury goods you want here, and the discounts are especially significant, with many items at 50% off, which is very cost-effective.