Have a bowl of rice noodles in Changsha, these are the 6 best ones to eat

Coming to the noodle paradise Changsha, how can you miss a bowl of Changsha rice noodles! Every place has its own unique secret ingredient ratio, it's not excessive to try all six of them!

Sister Si flour

Zhang Yixing's favorite shop is known for its hand-cut rice noodles. It is the most popular rice noodle shop among locals. They offer a wide selection of rice noodle dishes.

Yang Yuxing

Time-honored brand, a must-try experience of souffle noodle in Changsha.

Summer Noodle Shop

Recommended by locals, a budget-friendly authentic breakfast shop. Hand-chopped meatballs are bouncy and delicious, a true classic.

Bus New Village Noodle Shop

Changsha Sufun is a paradise, with good quality, low price and high popularity. Tasty, generous portions, affordable prices, delicious soup, good service, warm and enthusiastic. It's a great choice.

Zhouji Rice Noodle Restaurant

Appeared on "Day Day Up", with a crispy texture and delicious meat juice.

Original Flavor Noodle House - Bayi Bridge Branch

Changsha rantang is a must-visit, a 20-year-old famous noodle shop. Authentic snacks are available all day, with tender and flavorful beef brisket noodles.