Night Snack Map known only to locals in Changsha

The night in Changsha is definitely a hot and spicy night. Besides various entertainment activities, eating is always the theme of the local night. The late-night snacks of Changsha people are down-to-earth ingredients like pork tenderloin, chicken feet, and sausages, but each ingredient is made deliciously.

Roast whole lamb, Yunyang brothers

10-year-old store, specializing in barbecue. Pre-order required for whole roasted lamb.

Lu Ge Restaurant (Peiyuanqiao Old Shop)

A restaurant with over 20 years of operation, inheriting the classic homemade flavors. Specializing in classic homestyle dishes, spicy and flavorful, with authentic Hunan taste. Located in the commercial area of Yayuan residential complex.

Beben BBQ (Taicheng Branch)

Popular barbecue restaurant recommended by locals, converted from an old bus.

Wenheyou Lao Changsha Deep-fried Fangzi (Taiping Street branch)

Appeared on the show "Day Day Up", very popular. Nostalgic decoration evokes emotions, and a variety of fried foods have their own unique features.

Roasted Stinky Tofu

Hunan TV recommends branded snacks, and the small food stall in front of it often has long queues. The stinky tofu is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.