The most cost-effective delicacies in the black market

This place, known as "Foodie Paradise" and "The Kitchen of Osaka," not only has a long history but is also filled with countless delicious foods. With lively Kansai dialect in the air, various excellent delicacies such as rolled omelettes and grilled eel guarantee that once you immerse yourself, you won't want to leave!

Fish house shenguang store

There are many ways to eat pufferfish here. Ordering a set meal allows you to try different cooking methods and flavors such as cold fish skin, sashimi, deep-fried, hot pot... The smooth and fragrant fish meat has already slid down the tongue into the stomach, but there are still lingering flavors in the mouth, making it extremely delicious.

ま ぐ ろ や black silver

Their tuna dishes are amazing! Whether it's tuna belly, tuna middle belly, or other parts of tuna, the chefs will cook the most delicious food according to the subtle thickness and texture of different parts of the fish, which is quite popular!

Maru good meat shop

Main products in the store: fine meat, steak, beef rice; open all year round, feel free to enter.

Osaka black door の masato XuanPin ふ ぐ

At the "Osaka Kuromon no Seki Genpin Fugu" restaurant, you can enjoy high-quality fugu at a very reasonable price. It is definitely worth recommending and offers great value for money.

ダ イ ワ orchard

Exquisite and sweet appearance, fresh and refreshing taste, make every girl passing by the shop unable to resist stopping, even if the stomach can no longer eat any food, they must buy a piece of fruit-flavored snack, as if this is the perfect ending to the tour of the black market food.