10 Things You Must Do in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city that is perfect for slow travel. Stripped of noise and chaos, it is a place of simplicity and tranquility. The ancient streets, solemn shrines, black and white architecture, everything exudes a serene atmosphere. These 10 must-do things in Kyoto will take you on a deep exploration, without rushing or merely ticking off tourist spots.

ITO long right door equal courtyard shop

Uji is not far from Kyoto, and going to Uji to enjoy authentic matcha tea is a unique experience.


Ichi-go ichi-e - tea ceremony experience, a must-visit shop experience located in the ancient city of Kyoto.
"Enjoy the unique flavor of Kyoto's professional coffee exclusively served by Rokuyo Society."

Ancient street of qingshui temple

"Strolling along the ancient streets of Kiyomizu Temple in the early morning, there is less hustle and bustle but a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, which is definitely a must-have experience for those who love Kyoto."
Fushimi Inari Taisha is located at the foot of Mount Inari in the southern part of Kyoto, with a long history. Legend has it that the agricultural deity Inari enshrined here can bless business prosperity and abundant harvest, attracting many pilgrims to worship. Foxes are considered messengers of the gods, so there are many different-shaped fox stone statues and fox-faced prayer plaques, showing people's reverence for foxes. Fushimi Inari Taisha is not only worth visiting for its main building, but also known for its "Senbon Torii" or "Thousand Torii Gates". This path to the mountaintop is lined with hundreds of vermilion-colored torii gates, spanning about 4 kilometers in total. It takes 2-3 hours to walk round trip to the mountaintop. This route is one of the representative landscapes of Kyoto and has appeared in the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha", leaving a deep impression with the scenes featuring the backdrop of the thousand torii gates.
The interesting Gujian Tianqiao Bridge stands tall, and if you bend down and look under your crotch, you can see the sky and sea perfectly inverted without feeling abrupt. At this moment, the sandbar appears as a bridge in the sky. The source of the fun can only be experienced personally to truly know it.

Only garden friends

Experience Japan's three major festivals, the Gion Festival. The streets and alleys of Kyoto are filled with festive colors. The climax is the "Yamaboko Junko" parade, held on July 17th every year, where the luxury flower car "Yamaboko", known as the "active art gallery", parades along the main streets. Tourists are sure to be immersed in the city's passionate atmosphere on that day.
Hanamichi, located in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto, is a north-south street. The most famous section is the old-fashioned street from Kennin-ji Temple. There is also the famous Kaburenjo Theater, where grandiose dance performances by Kabuki actors and Geishas are held in spring and autumn. The buildings along the street are full of Kyoto's distinctive features. This year, Leica and Hermès have opened alternative experiential stores here. By crossing four intersections from Hanamichi towards the north, you can reach the elegant southern end of Shirakawa. Visiting Q-Home upstairs for a Hanamichi kimono experience and transformation, and then taking photos on Hanamichi street is an excellent local experience. On weekends, Japanese girls may also invite their friends to dress up in kimonos and take photos here. If you're lucky, in the evening, you might even encounter hurried Kabuki actors and Geishas going to tea houses for work. It is important to note that Hanamichi street can get crowded with people and vehicles are allowed to pass through. Therefore, when taking photos, it is necessary to be mindful of vehicles and ensure your own safety.
Shopping for souvenirs at the "Nishiki Market" in Kyoto can be considered one of the must-visit reasons in Kyoto, where you can discover the ingredients that Kyoto locals buy. Although Nishiki Market is not very large, it is full of Kyoto-flavored cooked food, raw vegetables, pickles, fish products, dried seafood, seasonings, groceries, and household items, making it a fun place to treasure hunt.

Shun zheng soup tofu shop

You cannot miss the traditional Beijing-style dish, Soup with Leaf Wraps and Tofu. It is a must-have when visiting Kyoto.