Five homestays help you explore Osaka

No matter which of the five bed and breakfasts you stay in, it is very convenient to go out and play, and you can easily enjoy Osaka! So how convenient and close are they exactly? Click to find out!

Sichuan HOUSE jade

The room is spacious with separate wet and dry bathroom, washing machine and refrigerator, all with warm reminders on them. The hotel even prepared hand-drawn maps, very thoughtful. The hotel is equipped with WIFI, air conditioning, mini fridge, electric kettle and more, very attentive. There’s also a special cat-themed room with cute cat decorations, don't miss it if you're a cat lover.

Kawashima garden town

Adjacent to the Subway Garden City Station, it is easy to reach on foot after about 200 meters. It only takes 2 stations to get to Namba by subway, and it is a quiet community that mixes with bustling crowds. After booking the hotel, the customer service will send an email to inform you how to check in and the password to pick up the room key. Enter the password at the door to pick up the key from the key box and you can enter the room.

Dormy Inn Osaka Tanimachi Natural Hot Springs

This is a hotel located in downtown Osaka with natural hot springs and a focus on health. After soaking in the springs, your skin will feel smooth. The first-floor lobby offers free drinks and coffee from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Higashi INN Osaka shipyard higashi INN

If you want to stay in Kyobashi or Osaka Castle and are looking for an affordable and high cost-effective hotel, this is the one for you. The rooms are considered large by Japanese hotel standards and the room facilities are well-equipped, with even a flashlight provided. The hotel even includes breakfast, which is truly thoughtful. The facilities in the room and common areas are new, and upon entering the lobby, you will feel a spacious and bright sensation.

Sichuan HOUSE huimei suji parent-child theme apartment hotel

The hotel is located in the city center but in a quiet area. It has many family rooms, which are perfect for family trips. The decoration style of the rooms is warm and comfortable. You can buy ingredients outside and make a simple meal inside, experiencing a familiar yet different daily life, which is really special. Staying here is really relaxing!