"Liu Jia Gui Ship popular Sichuan-style bedding cuisine restaurant."

The riverbed of your vessel is close to the water surface, and sitting on the edge allows you to dip your feet in the river. Not only does it feel refreshing, but it is also said to have negative ions.

"Hirobun" is a restaurant located near the Guifenguchi Station which offers reasonably priced and tasty dishes compared to other restaurants. It takes 10 minutes by bus or 30 minutes by foot to reach.

The right source too

"Ugen Tai" uses seasonal vegetables to provide you with Kaiseki cuisine that cannot be tasted elsewhere. From early summer to autumn, you can taste Kawadoko cuisine, and from autumn to the following spring, it is pot cuisine.

Li Yibing

"Kifune Heibei" is a cuisine inn. From June to mid-September, you can taste Kawadoko cuisine for only 6,000 yen at lunchtime.

Magpie Butcher Shop

Here is Sichuan-style cuisine mainly using river fish such as catfish, carp and crucian carp. In addition, this restaurant also offers an eel hotpot primarily made with matsutake mushrooms and sea eels, which is not found in other places.

Your boat

Cooking not only uses seasonal mountain and seafood, but also offers beef and chicken dishes for you to choose from. If you make a reservation for more than two people for Kaiseki cuisine, there will be a car to pick you up at the Guichengkou Station.

Expensive boat

The biggest feature is that there is a relatively large space, and you do not have to worry about bumping into people nearby. Another feature is that if you order grilled fish, they will fish it out of the water and grill it for you, making the taste very delicious.


The nearby "Kibune Hiroya" is a popular restaurant for tasting seasonal seafood sushi and sashimi. Listening to the sound of Kibune River's flowing water, breathing in the slightly grassy air, enjoying the lush green nature, and tasting eel dishes that can only be experienced here.