A guide to the Roman market, allowing you to experience the local customs and culture

The cultural capital of Italy, Rome, is full of surprises in every corner, and its streets and alleys are full of charm. To experience the charm of Rome, you can visit its markets, which are diverse, lively, and rich. Not only can you find things you love, but you can also feel the vibrant atmosphere of life.

Andrea Doria Market

This is a market that locals love very much, specializing in fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. It also sells some groceries, as well as many interesting clothes and shoes, such as sweaters and floral summer dresses.

Porta porteset flea market

This is the largest open-air market in Rome, a hub for various small commodities and second-hand goods: second-hand goods, antiques, rare and unseen items, from small decorative items to large furniture wooden products, all can be bought here.

Piazza Vittorio Market

The market not only offers various fresh fruits and vegetables, but also many local dry goods, making it a lively local market in Rome. When picking things here, you need to have a keen eye, as you might accidentally buy something without knowing what it is or its use.
The main focus here is on flowers, but we also sell some vintage furniture and antiques from the 1940s and 1950s. The seemingly casually placed flowers actually become a beautiful landscape. Daisies, jasmine, fresh and artistic, as well as unique Mediterranean flowers, are brilliant and unrestrained, just like enthusiastic Italians.