Searching for the Danish imprint of the master of fairy tales

Denmark is the homeland of the world-famous fairy tale master Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid, Snow White, The Little Match Girl, and many other classic fairy tale characters, as well as numerous popular fairy tales, were created by Andersen. Denmark offers tourists a unique opportunity to personally experience and learn about the fairy tale king. This progressive ancient kingdom also allows you to gain more knowledge about the historical and cultural background of fairy tales.

Amalienborg Palace

This magnificent palace is the royal palace of the Danish royal family, and the residence of the queen. The daily changing of the royal guards takes place at noon, giving the feeling of reliving "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" here. In 1825, Hans Christian Andersen spent his Christmas holidays at Amalienborg Palace, residing in one of the four palaces which was used as a naval academy at the time.


Take a boat to explore the secrets of the traditional waterways in this ancient city. The iconic sights of Copenhagen are all located along the canals, including the sculpture of the classic character, the Little Mermaid, gazing affectionately at No. 67 Nyhavn, where Hans Christian Andersen once lived.

Royal Theatre

Join a guided tour of the Royal Danish Theatre! This is where Hans Christian Andersen spent much of his later years, working in the theatre he loved.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Palace is a place for the royal family to store their collections, built in 1606 and featuring Renaissance style. The palace is adorned with painted marble on the roof, gilded mirrors, Dutch-style wall art, silver lions, and various gold and silver artifacts. The Royal Danish Treasury, located in the basement, showcases numerous royal treasures such as the crown of Christian IV, the sword of Christian III, and Queen Margrethe II's pearls. The King's Garden next to the castle is a peaceful oasis where you can find a statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

Tivoli Garden

One of the oldest and most magical amusement parks in the world, with dreamy gardens, mysterious rides, and uniquely designed restaurants, Tivoli Gardens takes you into a real-life version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. Andersen visited Tivoli Gardens three times, and there is a statue of him on the square of Copenhagen City Hall, facing the direction of Tivoli Gardens.