Where can you eat seafood? This private restaurant in New Zealand caters to all your needs

New Zealand's seafood is very famous, and the seafood restaurants here are known for their delicious taste and affordable prices. Many restaurants also have their own specialty dishes, which are definitely worth trying.

The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack restaurant is located by the Queens Wharf waterfront. The cozy wooden hut with checkered tablecloths provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant specializes in serving delicious seafood and providing a relaxed dining environment. With its high cost performance, it only costs 20-40 Singapore dollars to enjoy a satisfying meal, making it ideal for family gatherings.
Wellington's top-ranked restaurant offers a variety of seafood, mainly local New Zealand cuisine. The ambiance is elegant and the service is attentive, making it worth a visit. The restaurant is located in a charming old house, where fishing boats, salt paintings, and Egyptian-style tiles make up a colorful Mediterranean scene, making dining here seem like a trip back in time. It is worth mentioning that the waitresses here are mostly beautiful, super eye-catching. The restaurant is very popular, and it is recommended to make reservations in advance. The average cost per person here is between 25-60 New Zealand dollars.
Trawling Seafood Market on the streets of Cuba has won the "Best Fish and Chips in the Capital" award and also sells fresh seafood. Upon entering, there is a scent of the ocean, giving the fish a fresh and direct-from-the-sea quality when fried.
As the birthplace of the legendary blue-cheese-and-peanut wonton, Chow is a uniquely styled Asian restaurant and bar. Those who enjoy trying adventurous foods must visit this restaurant. It mainly offers Asian dishes, with a focus on Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, while also providing Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere is very friendly and popular with locals, definitely worth a visit.