Busan popular filming locations for Korean dramas

Busan International Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in Asia, has seen numerous Korean television and film productions shot in Busan, such as "Dream," "The Attorney," "The Way Home," "Bride of the Water God," "Journey to the West"... Come, let's explore the filming locations for movies and TV shows.

Tiger chuan village

A fresh Korean drama that subverts the routine of having a domineering CEO or a wealthy second generation. The female lead has dreams but lacks action, while the male lead is weak in his love life. The second female lead breaks up with a scumbag, crying as she changes from a taxi to a subway because she finds the fare too expensive. They gather at the Nanri bar on the top floor, drinking and chatting under the bright lights. The main couple share a kiss here, shining with happiness in their ordinary lives that have no cheats for success, all thanks to the love in their eyes.

White shoal cultural village

The Quantan Culture Village, which served as a filming location for the movies "The Attorney", the variety show "Infinite Challenge", and the Korean drama "The King's Face", has no traces of excessive commercialization. There isn't even a souvenir shop to be found. The village walls are adorned with light blue murals, and along the way, one can encounter cats and dogs while villagers grow vegetables in planters. One can even pluck fresh chili peppers with their own hands.

Zhen LanGe

ChengLanGe Tea House, resonating with culture, Crystal is its latest symbol. The two-story Japanese-style structure of the tea house features building materials such as wood and glass that were all imported from Japan. It has now become a public cultural activity place. You can order a simple menu that offers only a few drinks such as American coffee, plum soup, and grapefruit tea. The prices are affordable and have a unified price. The MV for IU's new song "Night Letter" was filmed here, and a search on YouTube will show the result. It is said that the place is crowded on weekends and has become a viral attraction.

Open Catholic church

The Little Chapel by the Sea. It is not a real church, but was built during the filming of the Korean drama "Dream". After the TV series was broadcast, it became a tourist attraction and was even selected as one of the top ten dating spots in Busan. Outside the chapel, there are chairs for tourists to take photos, enjoy the view and see the green lighthouse and speedboats passing by. "Dream" is a sports-themed drama that tells the story of a young man played by Kim Bum, who grew up in a correctional institution due to his crimes, and through his own efforts, becomes an athlete.

Hilton Hotel cafe

Arriving at the six-star hotel "Hilton Hotel & Resort", it feels amazing inside! The perfectly symmetrical design cures all the quirks of OCD. Everywhere is picturesque and great for taking photos, but the coffee and tea are a bit expensive. The hotel officially opened on July 1, 2017, and is the newest landmark building in eastern Busan, as well as the first place in Busan to see the sunrise over the sea. The resort where Krystal from "Bride of the Water God 2017" filmed her advertisement was also shot here.
Busan International Market is a large and historic traditional market. Since the Korean War in 1950, people have been engaging in commercial activities here, leading to the development of the market. Similar to Seoul's largest Namdaemun traditional market, Busan International Market offers a wide range of new and used goods for wholesale and retail. Therefore, both wholesalers and ordinary consumers can find their desired products at affordable prices. Particularly after the war, the market gained a reputation for circulating US military supplies and other imported goods throughout the country. In addition, famous shopping destinations in Busan such as Jalgachi Market, Gukje Market, and Nampo-dong are located near Busan International Market.
Not until I went to Busan did I have a deep impression of it, except for watching the movie "Train to Busan", it was Busan International Film Festival. Founded in 1996, Busan International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Korea and Asia. Supported and sponsored by the Busan City Government, film industry, and business, it is held annually from September to October in Busan, with the main venue being BIFF Square in Nampodong. Starting from the 9th festival, the main venue was changed from Nampodong to Haeundae, but BIFF Square still has various stalls and TV performances.