Must-Visit Museum List in Wellington, New Zealand

If you want to get to know this unfamiliar yet fascinating city, you must start with its museums! There are many rich and interesting museums here~ Take this list and go check them out in Wellington!

National Museum of tipper, New Zealand

Te Papa National Museum of New Zealand is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. It has a rich collection of Maori culture, Maori meeting houses, and art exhibits from the Pacific. If you want to learn about New Zealand's culture and history, this is the place to go. There is a Chinese guided tour every day at 11.30am from Monday to Friday, adults cost NZD16 per person, and children under 5 are free. The tour is led by professional museum guides.

Wellington City and Marine Museum

The museum is dedicated to the social, cultural, and maritime history of Wellington. It was previously a harbor warehouse where visitors can see the social conditions of Wellington since the settlement of the Maori people. Visitors can also experience interactive and imaginative experiences here.

Vita cave

Weta Workshop is a global leading film production company that has won five Academy Awards. Characters design, model props, and visual effects in well-known movies such as the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, the "Hobbit" trilogy, "King Kong", "Avatar", "Chronicles of Narnia" are all produced by Weta's production team.

Wellington City Museum of Art

This exhibition showcases the art of Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, as well as Pacific art. The gallery will hold exhibitions on various themes and display works by internationally renowned artists such as Tracy Emin, Keith Haring, Sidney Nolan, and Bridget Riley.
The Cable Car Museum is located at the top of the Wellington Cable Car. Here, you can learn about the history of how the first cable car arrived in Wellington and more. The museum features two grip cars from the early 1900s, a short film introduction, and walls featuring the history of the Wellington Cable Car, providing a comprehensive and vivid understanding of the past of the Wellington Cable Car.

New Zealand Film Archive

The New Zealand Film Archive is a paradise for movie enthusiasts. The dynamic image hall contains over 150,000 films, which can be called a "movie museum." There are feature films, documentaries, short films, home movies, newsreels, TV programs, and advertisements, among others. Many silent films that cannot be found online can be enjoyed here.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Museum

The Reserve Bank Museum is located in Wellington and showcases the history and operations of the Reserve Bank, as well as the types, production processes, processing, and history of New Zealand currency. Of particular note is the display of a New Zealand dollar worth one million dollars, which is large and heavy. It is worth a visit for those interested in banking and numismatics.