Seven gourmet restaurants in Seoul that Running Man highly recommends

Translated to English: "Running Man" Episode 288 Wish List Part 1 "Seven Spoons Edition." Each member recommended a food restaurant, and the mission required the members to visit all seven restaurants within 12 hours. Which are the seven restaurants? Come, let me take you to each one!"

Wenpeidong spicy beef sliced noodles (sancheng cave restaurant)

Usually when eating noodles, the soup and noodles are served together in one bowl. However, at this restaurant, the beef soup knife-cut noodles are served with the soup and bowl separated, and two bowls are brought out together. The way of eating the noodles is similar to eating Korean kimchi tofu soup rice, and the price is also reasonable. The spicy beef soup knife-cut noodles set for one person (육개장 전골세르) includes spicy beef soup, knife-cut noodles, white rice, and appetizers, all for a total of 8,000 Korean won!

Suriwong Chumphon Hotel

Here is a shop that sells pork cutlets and udon noodles. The customers are mostly locals, with few tourists. The most famous dishes are the fried pork cutlets and cold buckwheat noodles. Although there aren't many options, in the Jiangnan area, a pork cutlet meal (don-gas) is only 6,500 Korean Won, which is really worth it!

Hutong grim

Wuli went to the shop recommended by Shida Shen, and it's also a recommended shop on the Korean food variety show "Tasty Road." Because it's located near Kwangsoo's house, the members ordered delivery to Kwangsoo's house and ate there. They ordered a two-person portion of chicken and knife-cut noodles (닭한마리 칼국수), which had rich soup and fresh meat, and was seasoned with onions, scallions, chili peppers, potatoes, and many other condiments. The taste was super delicious and the price was not too expensive, around 20,000 won for two people!

Haha 401 hongda barbecue shop

One of the must-visit places for RM fans! This barbecue restaurant, run by HAHA himself, used to be a sausage shop. Although the restaurant only serves pork, it is made from Jeju Island pork and is so delicious that it can make people cry! Produced by HAHA, it is guaranteed to be good! Even the tiger in the show "Running Man" won't let others touch it and wants to eat the barbecue alone!

Yuanzu cabin grilled eel specialty store

If you have enough time, it's best to come to this grilled eel restaurant in Incheon to try it out. The eel is grilled to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a delightful aroma that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. In the show, the members ate a 2-person serving of grilled eel (갯벌장어) for 100,000 won, and you have to order at least a 2-person serving, which is about 2kg.

Jinning jeju black pork canteen

What is the most famous food in Jeju? Of course, it's black pork! After the "Jeju Island Money Game" episode of "Running Man" on August 5, 2012, Monday Couple Ji-hyo and Gary revisit the island for a sweet date! What to eat here? Of course, you have to try the local representative cuisine - kimchi and pork soup!


The program was originally going to eat the mud octopus recommended by Ji Hyo at Busan's Wuan seafood restaurant, but they changed tasks because they drew a swapping opportunity. The members asked comedian Kim Shin Young who lives in Jinpu to recommend a restaurant. After various twists and turns, they finally arrived at the bakery 13 minutes before it closed and got to eat the Cream Cheese Roll Cake for 14,000 won, which was so delicious they almost cried!