Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Wellington, New Zealand

Clear seawater, damp sea breeze, soft sand and colorful seashells make up the imagination of our beach. Want to know where the most beautiful beach in Wellington, New Zealand is? Look at this list!

The Eastern Coastal Avenue is located next to the Oriental Bay, allowing people to experience the beauty and charm of the bay from a close distance. Many people jog or ride along the avenue, enjoying the scenery along the way. If you continue walking, you will come to the beautiful beach where you can enjoy sunbathing and have fun in the children's playground. In addition, you can also briefly stop at the coffee shops or bars along the road, and enjoy a leisurely time. At the end of the Eastern Coastal Avenue, you will find that it connects to Victoria Peak, another thrilling and beautiful scenic spot.
Makara Beach is located on the west coast of Wellington and offers activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, diving, fishing, and even catching seafood. This beach is not heavily touristy but loved by locals, making it mostly peaceful. Some claim it to be the purest beach in Wellington, possibly due to its lack of commercialization and focus on natural beauty.

Glowing Bay

Scorching Bay is located not far from the central area of Wellington, but it is a quiet place and one of the best beaches in Wellington. It has turquoise waters and almost golden sand, making it a dreamy destination. Visitors can swim in the sea, climb rocks, build sandcastles, or simply sit on the grassy lawn. Sometimes, wild animals can even be spotted on the coastal path.

Petone Beach

Petone Beach is very wide and not crowded with tourists, mostly visited by locals, peaceful and pure. Sometimes fishermen come back from sea with fresh seafood, creating a prosperous scene. Here one can feel the sea breeze, watch the sea water hit the rocks, or go pick favorite shells.

Princess Bay

Princess Bay is a southern beach in Wellington, near the famous Houghton Bay, where you can go scuba diving, fishing and surfing. Princess Bay has clear and blue sea water and off-white rock formations. With a long history, it is one of the locals' favorite surfing spots. In 2005, a retired frigate sunk nearby and now the location has been developed as a diving site. Additionally, if you're lucky, you may see the Aurora Australis here.