Oudense's must-visit specialty restaurants

Odense is one of the most unique cities in Denmark. How can you miss the traditional gourmet restaurants here? Choose three of them to savor world-class delicacies.

Under the Linden Tree

This restaurant is located in the most beautiful and fairytale-like area of Odense, adjacent to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. The building that houses the restaurant is very old and similar to the surrounding architecture. Part of the restaurant dates back to 1771, and until 1965, the area was a private residence and a rye bread bakery. Under Lindetræet is a gourmet restaurant.
This rural inn was founded in 1805 and has a royal license. It was later relocated to the village of Den Fynske Landsby, which represents all the rural inns that were once established in Denmark. The nostalgic half-timbered buildings, rural ponds, small windmills, and beautiful gardens showcase a romantic countryside life. Chef John Kofod Pedersen cooks in this excellent restaurant, using his talent and passion for cooking to create classic dishes with modern seasonings and high-quality farm products, most of which are sourced from the museum town.
When visiting Odense, you can also go to Oluf Baker's House on Noerregade for a delicious lunch or dinner, and enjoy the surrounding historic buildings in a cozy atmosphere. Guests dining here can enjoy professional service and experience exquisite cuisine from start to finish. We offer delicious lunches and unparalleled fine dining, with rooms available for large gatherings in the restaurant.