Popular Restaurants in Seoul

Seoul is not only a shopping paradise but also a food capital! If you haven't tried these 14 must-visit restaurants, then you can't say you've been to Seoul!

Operating since 1966, this restaurant is the flagship store of the Myeongdong Dumplings brand, and is considered the best place to taste authentic Korean dumplings. Their specialties include hand-cut noodles, steamed dumplings (with a similar appearance to xiaolongbao) and dumpling soup. Myeongdong Dumplings is the top restaurant in the Myeongdong area and has even been featured in the popular Korean drama "You're Beautiful," attracting numerous customers and leading to long waiting lines.
The name of the shop sounds very upscale, but it is actually a small and inconspicuous shop. However, this small shop has a 50-year history of operation and is famous for its authentic Jeonju bibimbap. The stone pot made of longwater waxstone, rich in minerals from Jeollabuk-do province, created the signature dish of the shop - "Jeonju Waxstone Bibimbap".

Chicken chicken

A famous dish from the Andong region of South Korea that still retains its strong traditional culture. Fengchu chicken is actually a stew, with marinated and spicy chicken cooked with side dishes such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, and glass noodles. The color is rich, the taste is sweet and slightly spicy, and it definitely opens up your appetite! The method is similar to Northeastern stew and also resembles big plate chicken. The glass noodles stewed with the chicken are a great delicacy. This restaurant is an extremely popular restaurant in Myeong-dong, and you can avoid long waiting times by dining off-peak hours. The restaurant is a bit hidden, located on a narrow street in the Myeong-dong shopping district, but it is so famous that you can ask others for directions if you can't find it.
A highly-rated Korean barbecue restaurant among locals and travelers in Seoul, known for the high quality of ingredients and delicious taste. The side dishes are also generously provided. The recommended dishes are pork ribs, while those with a larger budget can try raw beef and Korean beef ribs. If you need some additional main dishes, seafood pancake and cold noodles are recommended. However, it is not recommended to order ginseng chicken soup here, as it is not as authentic as those in specialized ginseng chicken soup stores.
Ribs wrapped in abundant cheese and baked on an iron plate, the aroma of meat and cheese merging together, is one of the most famous "great inventions" of Koreans who "can add cheese to anything". This restaurant was originally a popular eatery near Hongik University, and this Myeongdong branch, which opened later, is even more popular than the original one and is a top choice for dining while sightseeing and shopping in Myeongdong.
Starting from Myeongdong, head uphill towards the Namsan Cable Car lower station. Turn left at the intersection of the Chinese Embassy Consulate and you'll come across a mountain road lined with several pork cutlet shops known as "Pork Cutlet Street". On this street, you'll find a distinctive orange sign that is said to belong to the first pork cutlet shop in Namsan. The shop has a simple decor but has been doing brisk business for 20 years and has also been featured in various media outlets. For those looking for the most authentic and original pork cutlet, this shop is highly recommended.

Roasted eel in fair hole

The grilled eel here is not a small snack or the eel on top of Japanese eel rice, but rather a dish that is difficult to find outside of Korea, where the slightly spicy seasoned eel is grilled on an iron skewer, much like grilled pork belly. This restaurant often has long lines, and the menu is very simple. Other than the grilled eel, the spicy seafood noodles (짬봉) and egg custard (계린찜) are also delicious Korean specialties.
One of the most popular ginseng chicken soup restaurants near Gyeongbokgung Palace, which was frequently visited by former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun. The restaurant is almost always full and requires queuing in order to eat during the hottest days of summer. The restaurant's signature ginseng chicken soup is made with a young chicken aged about a month, along with ginseng, jujubes, and other tonics, as well as a special ingredient from the Tusuk Village.

Sanqingdong pimple soup

Noodles cooked in fish soup stewed with clams, potatoes, pumpkin, onion and other ingredients. The soup is thick and fragrant, and this gnocchi soup should be very suitable for the taste of northerners, especially in winter.

Xier's grilled octopus

Spicy grilled octopus specialty store, where spicy sauce octopus is grilled on a iron grid, which can be wrapped with perilla leaves or eaten with boiled eggs. Xi'er House is a popular restaurant near Hongdae where queues often form during meal times.

Comfort Inn Staunton

"The extremely popular military canteen restaurant is jointly operated by male singer Stay and female artist Huangfu. Its biggest feature is the richer beef bone cheese soup base compared to other military pot shops. Simpson Tang also has two other branches in the Gangnam area of Seoul."

Dalsuda dessert coffee shop

A coffee and dessert chain store that is popular among young people recently, it features various flavors of shaved ice and unique Maya-flavored grilled corn in addition to coffee and toast. The presentation is quite petty-bourgeois, providing a place to enjoy exquisite dishes at reasonable prices.

Passionnement Truffes

Elegant, refined, and authentic French restaurant, serving a set menu from appetizers to main courses to desserts, with lunch costing over 40,000 won and dinner over 70,000 won. Highly recommended dishes include lamb chops and baked escargot soup, with the beef and fish dishes also being top-notch - definitely on par with a five-star hotel.

Louis XV

You can enjoy delicious lamb chops, oysters, cold cuts, pasta, and roasted chicken at the Western-style wine bar. It's especially suitable for friends who have planned to have a drink at the Xagu Pavilion but haven't had dinner yet. You can solve both here. The bar is not very noisy, just the music is slightly louder than regular restaurants, with a relaxed and trendy atmosphere.