The Needles Battery, Breathtaking views amidst historic grandeur

Highdown Lane, Totland PO39 0JH, England


The Nid d'Aigle Fortress, built in 1862, is a historic building that served as an observation post during World War II. The fortress boasts a 60-meter long tunnel that leads to a cliffside searchlight observation deck. These facilities provided soldiers with excellent observation and combat advantages at the time. Today, the fortress has become a popular tourist attraction, attracting many visitors to experience its historical charm and breathtaking views.
Highdown Lane, Totland PO39 0JH, England
Opening hours
Easter until October, new battery: 11:00-16:00, old battery: 10:30-17:00.
BUS Needles Breezer to Car Park Station, walk west for about 15 minutes.