Let's celebrate together! Embrace the festival celebrations of Ireland

Ireland has many interesting and fun festivals, where people sing and dance, parade and celebrate, adding a burst of color to the cities. Laughter and joy can be found everywhere during the festivals. The festivals and the cities complement each other, as the cities come alive with energy and the festivals provide a place for everyone to gather and celebrate together. In addition to the city festivals, there are also local and traditional fishing festivals, such as the traditional fishing festival. Fishing enthusiasts from all over gather together to compete in fishing, which is extremely fun. Here are some of the well-known festivals in Ireland.

Galway Arts Festival

Galway Arts Festival is Ireland's largest arts festival, giving people the best reason to walk from the Emerald Isle to this artistic university town. Famous rock artists and unknown street performers. A few pints of Guinness beer allow you to enjoy the good times of the Celts.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is also Ireland's national holiday, and grand parades are held in Dublin on this day. If you see green hats everywhere in the city, don't be surprised, as many people travel all the way from America and Australia just to wear this green hat. In addition to costumes, food, toys, and more are all decked out in green during the festival. Before and after St. Patrick's Day, Irish pubs are always packed with tourists from all over the world. Some bars even sell special green beer during the festival, and McDonald's also sells green milkshakes. Be sure to try them if you have the chance.

Galway International Oyster Festival

The origin of the Oyster Festival can actually be traced back to the Great Southern Hotel, a mediocre hotel in the downtown area. In order to save the low occupancy rate in September, the hotel manager Brian Collins decided to come up with a gimmick and held an Oyster Festival in the first month of the oyster harvest to attract tourists, resulting in the hotel being fully booked. Since then, the Oyster Festival has been held in Galway every year, and has evolved from a small hotel event to a city-wide celebration. It later became known as the famous international Oyster Festival.

Taste of Dublin

There will be delicious and unique food and drinks, fun entertainment activities, and world-class chefs showcasing their skills by cooking for visitors at the food festival. You can enjoy traditional Irish music with locals while savoring great food and wine. In addition, the most popular on-site cooking demonstration program invites several of the country's most famous chefs to give workshops and teach wine-tasting skills. The food festival is very lively, with everyone sitting on the grass, drinking and tasting food together.