German flower viewing places inventory

With the departure of winter, spring finally arrives quietly, and everything begins to revive. In this vibrant season, German spring is even more beautiful and charming. Enjoying the blooming sea of flowers and experiencing the beauty of spring brings joy to people's hearts. Therefore, let's embark on a virtual tour of Germany to admire the flowers and trace the footsteps of spring~


When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the ancient city of Mainz seems to come alive. With a history dating back 2000 years, the old town is calm and elegant, surrounded by a lazy atmosphere. Spring quietly blooms here. To appreciate the beauty of Mainz in spring, start from the cathedral and explore the old town, where cherry blossoms are scattered along the narrow streets. During your exploration, you may discover cherry blossoms peeking out from around corners.


In the spring in Frankfurt, there seems to be a melodic tune called "Cherry Blossom Language". Against the backdrop of the ancient opera house, the delicate cherry blossoms bloom with charming brilliance in the sunlight. If you want to enjoy the flowers, the old opera house will not disappoint you. Here, there are rows of cherry blossoms, as well as a variety of flowers such as magnolias and daffodils. However, it should be noted that the blooming period of some flowers is only a few days, so it is best to appreciate them early.


With a gentle breeze, the cherry blossoms in Bonn bloom in a fragrant and enchanting manner. The cluster of cherry blossoms forms a romantic avenue, as if leading to a fairyland. This is the Bonn Cherry Blossom Avenue, which is included in the "Ten Most Beautiful Streets". How to appreciate the cherry blossoms in Bonn? You can start from Sackgasse alley in Maxstrasse, where the cherry blossoms are the first to bloom. Then, along Michaelstraße, Dorotheenstraße, Georgstraße, Paulstraße, Wolfstraße, and Schützenstraße, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom scenery.


In Magdeburg's spring, there are also blooming cherry blossoms. Walking under the cherry blossom trees, the beautiful scene is intoxicating. Taking a whiff of the cherry blossoms' fragrance adds to the joy of cherry blossom viewing. Magdeburg's Cherry Blossom Avenue, adjacent to the Florapark shopping center, is the best place for people to stroll and enjoy the cherry blossoms during their peak bloom.


In this spring, Berlin presents a beautiful scene with various flowers. The sunlight shines through layers of petals, casting mottled flower shadows. Taking a stroll along the Cherry Blossom Avenue in Berlin is delightful. Berlin has several popular cherry blossom viewing spots, including Glienicker Bridge, where the first batch of cherry blossoms in Berlin was planted, Gutspark Britz, Gardens of the World, and the area between Teltow and Lichterfelde, which is part of the Berlin Wall remains. The latter three places also hold cherry blossom festivals annually, so you might have a chance to encounter one!